Bulandshahr News: ‘I’ll fix your health in two minutes’, BSA accuses BJP district chairman of bullying

Bulandshahr News: ‘I’ll fix your health in two minutes’, BSA accuses BJP district chairman of bullying

Bulandshahr: In Uttar Pradesh, there is no coordination between officers at the district level and those responsible for organizing the BJP. Even the factionalism of the two reaches into the ranks of senior officials. The latest case is between BSA BK Sharma of Bulandshahr and BJP District Chairman Anil Sisodia. Meanwhile, a letter from BSA also went viral on social media, which he wrote to the district magistrate. In the letter, the BSA asked the district magistrate for advice, what should be done in these circumstances? On Wednesday, he accused BJP District Chairman Anil Sisodia of threatening him as he returned home with 8-10 thugs.

It was written in the letter that under the right to education, it was said that under the right to education, about the admission of poor children, it was said to show greatness, to don’t pick up the phone, get sick and get better in two minutes. BSA BK Sharma said a letter has been sent to the District Magistrate in this regard.

When BJP District Chairman Anil Sisodia was asked to correspond with the school concerned regarding the admission of the right to education child, his attitude was absolutely grandiose. He said he was hurt by the attitude of the district chairman. Sending a letter to the district magistrate, he asked for advice, along with this, a copy of the letter was also sent to other officers.

At the same time, District Party Chairman Bharatiya Janata overturned the whole matter and blamed the BSA. He says I have been calling BSA for the past month for the admission of poor children under the right to education, he does not pick up the phone. He indicated that the BSA orders were given to the school concerned. But a constant contact is established on the telephone so that this order is implemented. He was requested. I filed an objection so he wouldn’t pick up the phone. BJP district chairman says no bad pressure has been created. There is nothing wrong with admitting poor children as part of the right to education.

Right now, this letter written by BSA to the District Magistrate including all state officials is going viral on social media. In which it is clear that there has been a situation of confrontation between party workers and officials. District Magistrate CP Singh says the investigation has been handed over to the CDO in the matter. The necessary measures will be taken on all the facts revealed after the conduct of the investigation.
Report – Varun Sharma


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