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Bulandshahr: School will be closed for two days due to order issued by Kanwar Yatra, DM



Kanwar Yatra 2022: In view of the Kanwar Yatra, the District Magistrate of Bulandshahr ordered the closure of government and non-government schools for two days. He said that thanks to this, the children and their families will not face any problems.

Schools will remain closed for two days in Bulandshahr due to the order issued by Kanwar Yatra, DM
Bulandshahr: Schools in Bulandshahr will remain closed for two days due to Kanwar Yatra 2022. The District Magistrate has ordered a public holiday on July 25 and 26 in view of government and non-government school security arrangements. So that the Kavad Yatra can take place peacefully. These orders have been issued to operators of government and non-government schools.

District Magistrate CP Singh said all government and non-government schools in Bulandshahr were declared vacation on July 25 and 26 due to Kavad Yatra. Devotees of Shiva will bring Gangajal in large numbers. No one should have any problem getting around, during this time the route will also be diverted. So that the group of Kanvidyas can get out easily.

There will be no inconvenience for children and family, DM Chandra Prakash Singh says that during the diversion of the route, children going to and from schools may have problems. Due to this, 2 days off were taken. The children will stay at home and their families will have no problems.
Report – Varun Sharma

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