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Bulldozing action continues against Atiq Ahmed, officers’ hideouts will be razed for the fourth day in a row



Prayagraj: After the public murder of Umesh Pal, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh adopted a strict attitude. The bulldozer of CM Yogi Adityanath, who shouted “Mitti mein miladenge” in the house, roars. Today, Saturday, also for the fourth day in a row, the administration’s bulldozer will swoop down on those close to Atiq Ahmed. The house demolition action of a special Mafia Atiq henchman will be in the presence of law enforcement.

As part of the action that started after the murder case of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj, on the first day Zafar Ahmed Khan, on the second day Safdar Ali, on the third day the luxurious houses of Maskuddin were demolished with bulldozers. The bulldozer action will continue today. Suicide bomber Guddu Muslim and shooter Mohammad Ghulam are also on the administration and police list. The two defendants were captured by CCTV while carrying out the incident.

160 files registered against Atiq Ahmed and his family, will the police of CM Yogi really mix the mafia in the ground!
On March 1, the Prayagraj Development Authority razed Zafar Ahmed’s house at Kasari Masari in Chakia. It was said that Bahubali Atiq Ahmed’s wife, Shaista Parveen, and her son lived there. In September 2020, the ancestral mansion of Atiq Ahmed in Chakia was demolished, since then the family lived in this house.

The following day, March 2, the house of Syed Safdar Ali, the owner of Gunhouse located at Johnsenganj on Rajrooppur 60 Feet Road, was demolished using bulldozers, calling it illegal. Its estimated cost was Rs 2 crore. Syed Safdar Ali was accused by the police of supplying weapons and cartridges to Atiq Ahmed’s gang.
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On the third day, Friday March 3, at Ahmedpur Asrauli of Mufti Police Station area, the luxurious house of former chief Masookuddin was surrounded by bulldozers and razed to the ground. On occasion, Masookuddin’s daughter, Tauqeer Fatima, claimed that the house belonged to her. But the PDA razed the ground for not passing the card.