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Bundelkhand: From now on, dry detergent powder will be made on Bundelkhand soil, previously it was imported from China – hul has established a dry detergent factory in bundelkhand



Lucknow: Now dry detergent powder will be made in Bundelkhand news, previously it was imported from China. Hindustan Unilever Limited (bundelkhand HUL) has not only worked to connect people there with employment by establishing a new unit at Sumerpur in Bundelkhand, but has also worked to improve the industrial environment of Bundelkhand. On Friday, CM Yogi inaugurated the Sumerpur Spray Dried Detergent Powder Manufacturing Unit and Distribution Center in Hamirpur.

Hindustan Unilever Limited Spray Dry Factory is Unilever’s first factory in South Asia where special attention has been paid to gender balance among employees. The factory women were given priority in the promotion of the Shakti Mission of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. So far, 101 employees have been hired, soon another 153 employees will be recruited. Likewise, priority has been given to people with disabilities in the unit.

Just last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered the highway to Bundelkhand. On Friday, CM Yogi gave a new impetus to the overall development of Bundelkhand by inaugurating a new unit, a spray-dried detergent powder manufacturing unit and a distribution center in Sumerpur, Hamirpur. Now, the investment made by Hindustan Unilever Limited will become a means of employment for thousands of people directly and indirectly in the backward region like Sumerpur of Bundelkhand.

special attention to environmental safety standards
HUL has set up an automated distribution center in Sumerpur, a first of its kind in South Asia for Unilever. In addition, this manufacturing unit has been designed according to the zero carbon footprint. Will be useful to increase the income of 10,000 farmers through the use of biomass briquettes as fuel. Additionally, the plant will collect and store rainwater for wider community use, send zero waste to landfills, and start solar power generation very soon. CEO and MD Sanjiv Mehta said the company will invest over 700 crore in Sumerpur by 2025.