Cannon shells recovered during the excavations of the farm

Cannon shells recovered during the excavations of the farm

While digging in a field in Muzaffarnagar, there was a stir when a cannonball was found. Experts say that these balls belong to the era of British rule. At that time, the revolutionaries looted ammunition from an English party and buried it in the ground in this area. This is why cannonballs have also been found on the ground here in the past.

Cannonball in Muzaffarnagar Field
Muzaffarnagar: During excavations in a field in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, there was a stir when a cannon shell was found in Muzaffarnagar. This bullet was found on the farm of Farman, a resident of the village of Godhna in the Purkaji region. Police arrived at the scene, took possession of the cannonball and sent it for investigation. Upon hearing the news of the cannonball being obtained, people from the surrounding villages began to crowd. It is said that cannon shells have already been found in this area.

According to reports, grading work was continuing in Farman’s field on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, an iron-like object collided with the workers’ shovel. Some more dirt was dug up, and then the cannonball was sighted. The farm owner informed the police. The outpost in charge, arrived with the crew on site, took the ball in their possession. The police sent the balloon for investigation.

British era ball

It is said that during the revolution of 1857, the revolutionaries here attacked a group of British soldiers and looted their ammunition, which was buried in the ground. From time to time, cannonballs continue to come out of the lands of this area. Zaheer Farooqui, chairman of Purkaji Nagar Panchayat, said the police took the cannonball with them.

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