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Car papers shown from Digilocker, police issued 7500 challan, victim refused when arrived at police station to register case



Traffic Police Challan: On the one hand, the focus is on digitizing the country, on the other hand, the Digital Locker (Digilocker) application launched by PM Modi was not considered valid by the police from Ghaziabad. It is alleged that the police forcefully stopped the driver of the car on NH9. Also, because of the police, an accident happened with him.

ghaziabad police digilocker app
Bill deducted even after showing paper on DigiLocker app

strong points

  • A Delhi resident car driver was traveling to Aligarh with his family
  • Due to forgetting the way, came from the wrong side on the highway
  • Only then the police met on the way, they asked to come to the other side
  • When the car papers were displayed on the Digilocker app, the police issued a 7500 challan.
Ghaziabad: On National Road (NH) 9, officers stopped the driver of the car and asked him to show the car papers. When he showed the paper in Digilocker, he refused to accept it. It is alleged that the officers stopped the car and asked him to come across the road. The motorists were going to the other side when the sport utility vehicle (SUV) struck them. After the accident, the police officers cut his challan of Rs 7500. Was admitted to hospital after the accident on February 6th. After leaving the hospital, the driver of the car registered a case at Vijay Nagar Police Station.

Manoj Kumar, a resident of Sangam Vihar in Delhi, said he got lost on the highway. I went on the local road. From there they came from the opposite direction to climb the highway again. Only then were police officers found on the way. There were also 2 women and 3 children in the car. Traffic officer Ombir stopped him, showed him the car papers in DigiLocker itself. The driver’s license was in hard copy, so Ombir took it and asked to come see the inspector sitting on the other side. Vehicles were speeding along the highway. Manoj asked not to cross the highway like that.

The police did not register the case

It is alleged that Ombir didn’t listen to him and left with the DL. Putting the car on its side, Manoj crossed the highway and started to go to the other side, when a high-speed car hit him. It is alleged that after that, the police officers challenged him for Rs.7500. Manoj had to be admitted to hospital due to his injuries in the accident. After getting discharge from there, a case was registered at Vijay Nagar police station. Manoj alleges that no case has been filed against the policeman who forced him to cross the highway.

Do not check in between for fear of an accident

There is always heavy traffic on the Delhi Meerut Expressway (DME) and the adjacent NH-9. Restricted vehicles also pass over the DME. The police have repeatedly said that the traffic on the highway is so fast that there is a fear of an accident when stopping someone in the middle and checking. In such a situation, the question arises why Manoj was also stopped on the highway? Why did the policeman force them to cross the highway even after arresting them? Who ordered such a check on the highway?

The papers stored in DigiLocker are valid: ADCP

ADCP Traffic Ramanand Kushwaha said documents stored in DigiLocker are as valid as physical documents. No police officer can refuse access to DigiLocker documents. If someone has refused to accept documents from DigiLocker, an investigation will be conducted. Strict action will be taken if an error is found. There is a rule to cross the highway only by a pedestrian bridge or an underpass. No one can ask someone to cross the road by checking in the middle of the highway.

May also keep other documents

DigiLocker was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015. It is a type of digital locker where important documents such as PAN, voter ID, passport, driver’s license, RC vehicle, pollution certificate, insurance, etc can be safely stored in digital format. Like physical documents, documents kept here are also valid throughout the country. Aadhaar card is required to login to DigiLocker.

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