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CBSE 12th Result: Older sister made college top then youngest became district top, know the story of Manvi from Meerut



Report – Vishal Bhatnagar

Meerut. As soon as the result of the CBSE 12th exam (CBSE 12th Result 2022) was released on Friday, there was a lot of excitement among the students. Moreover, as soon as the information about the result was received, the students reached their school. Meanwhile, three students from Meerut secured first place in the district by scoring 499 out of 500 points. NEWS18 LOCAL Staff spoke with Maanvi, a class 12 student from KL International School, who made his name brilliant by overtaking Meerut.

In a special chat with News18 Local, Manvi shared that she dreams of becoming a psychology professor. Therefore, she will pursue further studies taking up the subject of psychology. Talking about his success, he said if we prepare for any subject with determination, we definitely achieve success.

Concentration is not necessary in studies
Maanvi said she didn’t study for hours, just made a rule. After attending school, she used to study at home for 2-3 hours, but during her studies, she only focused on her subject. Also, the time had been set for social media and all other types of activities, so there would be no problems whatsoever. Speaking further, Manvi said that success is never achieved by being stressed. In such a situation, entertainment should also be a part of life.

older sister also made the college top
Maanvi’s older sister Lakshyata also topped her school, but when Maanvi topped the district, the sister expressed her happiness and said she was very happy today. Three students who got the top position in Meerut district. His sister is also there.

However, Maanvi, a student from KL International School, Abhinav Chugh, a student from Dewan Public School and Anoushka, a student from MPGS, secured the top position in Meerut by scoring 499 points out of 500 in the CBSE 12th Result.

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