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CBSE Results 2022: Abhinav who was in a coma for 1 year fought for life first, now passed 12th with 92.4% – 12th cbse student exam result abhinav sharma wrestling history



Naida: If there is a stubbornness to throw electricity at the panels, then we also have the stubbornness to build our house there… Abhinav Sharma, a pupil in class 12 at the Somerville school, showed that those lines were true. He remained in a coma for a year after the cardiac arrest. When he came out of the coma, he didn’t even remember that he had dropped to 11th. Gradually, his condition improved. Then and after a year, he enrolled again in the 11th grade. By then, even her conversation with other children had completely stopped. He used to sit in a silent class, initially for 6 months, he could not understand what was being taught in the class. But, Abhinav didn’t give up and led by example by scoring 92.4% in the CBSE’s 12th result. His mother says that the son took on a big challenge and took it on too… My child is very brave, he is the top of life.

Abhinav’s mother Dr. Anupama Mishra said, “In 2018, I was practicing at Apollo then. Suddenly one day his son Abhinav suffered a brain injury after a cardiac arrest. Due to which he went into a coma. At that time, he was in 12th standard. After coming out of a coma a year later, his health began to improve somewhat. By 2019, her memories had faded. For 2 years we forgot to live life. In 2020, he expressed his desire to be admitted to 11th. Initially, I was in school for a few months, then after the confinement, I took online courses. I used to sit together. For a year, he just kept watching in class. The teacher gave him some homework according to his understanding and supported him a lot. When he reached the 12th standard, interest in studies increased. For a year he studied diligently.

Teachers supported, then studies back on track

MN Arul Raj, Principal of Somerville School, said: “When the parents came to the school to get Abhinav readmitted, he had stopped talking. At the request of the parents, I gave him admission, but the concern was how he could fit in the class with normal children. For a few months before the 2020 lockdown, he continued to go to class without books. I kept looking at mom. He understood nothing. Then slowly he started talking, started writing a bit and slowly he started getting back on track. The teachers also helped him separately. Today, I am proud of this child. All these children should be inspired by Abhinav, who has minor problems in life.

left his career for his son
Dr Anupama Mishra said: “The son is still having health issues so now on quitting my career I am only caring for his son full time. I didn’t even expect him to do well, but he has such good numbers, which is a source of pride for me. Now he is preparing for JEE. Wants to be an engineer.