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Change in Noida Dog Policy: The Noida Authority is studying the directives of the government which is preparing to change the Noida Dog Policy



Noida Dog Policy: There will be a change in the Noida Dog Policy. The Canine Policy was implemented in Noida in December 2022. The Canine Policy was formulated after the growing threat of dogs in the urban areas. Now, after the release of new guidelines by the government, preparations are underway to change the canine policy.

Noida Dog Policy

strong points

  • The government has issued guidelines on dog keeping for organizations and municipal authorities.
  • Noida authority had established a dog policy in December last year, will make an amendment at the board meeting
  • At the level of veterinarians, the policy implemented in Noida and the government’s SOP are under review.
Noida: In view of the increase in incidents of dog bites in shop windows in Uttar Pradesh, the Noida Authority had announced a canine policy in December last year. As part of this canine policy adopted at the meeting of the authority’s board of directors, the work of registering companion dogs is currently continuing. Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary of State, DS Mishra, has issued SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) regarding canine policy in city bodies. Now Noida Authority has started studying in order to make the canine policy stricter, they can approve its amendment at the next board meeting.

Noida Authority OSD Induprakash Singh said the vet has been tasked to study the guidelines issued by the Chief Secretary regarding canine policy in the city bodies. At the same time, the authority was asked to provide a comparative report with the policy currently implemented. Once the study report regarding the canine policy is received, it will be discussed at the meeting which will be chaired by Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. Whatever modification is suggested in the current canine policy in the authority of the study report, its proposal will be presented at the next council meeting.

Main points of government policy:

  • If you have a dog, a token or a chip will be given to you when registering with urban organizations. If your dog is discovered in the open without a token or chip, it will be confiscated.
  • If five or more dogs are kept in the house, it will be treated as a shelter. For these, licenses valid for six months will be issued.
  • The dog license will be made in two categories. One breeding and the other non-breeding. It will be compulsory for Pet Dog to give Animal Birth Control (ABC) Surgery Certificate in one year while breeding can only be done in commercial area.
  • The residential area has also been fixed for Pet Dog. Non-breeding means only two dogs will be allowed in a 200 square foot home. After that, it will be mandatory to have an additional 100 square feet for every two dogs.

These rules in the Authority’s canine policy:

  • All pets must be leashed outside the house. It is forbidden to leave any animal alone outside the house.
  • Pet dogs will be transported from the company’s service elevator only. Ensure circulation by using the muzzle with care.
  • If a pet dog defecates in a public place, the owner will be responsible for cleaning it up. Will have to inform after the death of the pet dog.
  • Complaint of dog or cat bite will be investigated by the authority and legal action will be taken.
  • If a complaint is received for leaving a dog or cat unattended, action will be taken if found to be correct upon investigation.

Owner fined for stomach aches

  • If the stomach injures a person or animal, the owner will be responsible for its treatment. Along with this, a fine of Rs 10,000 will have to be paid.
  • A fine of Rs 100 for the first time, Rs 200 for the second time and Rs 500 for the third time will be imposed for littering by the animal.
  • The work in a canine breeding center for business will not be done in an apartment or a house. In case of violation, the owner of the pet dog will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000.

Registration is done with a late fee in Noida

From January 1 to January 31, registration of pet dogs was done at a fee of Rs 500. Registration was done from February 1 to 28 with a fine of Rs 200. From March 1 to March 31, a fine of Rs 700 and Rs 10 per day is charged. There is a free rabies vaccine facility upon registering on the NAPR app and depositing the fee. For this, the owner of the pet dog can call 9999352343.

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