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Chilla Elevated Road: Waiting for Chilla Elevated Road linked to UP 2023 budget, work stalled due to non-availability of funds – construction of chilla elevated road has stopped 2023 budget helps connectivity noida news



UP Budget 2023 Update News: Hopes of the Chilla elevated road project in Noida are tied to the 2023 budget of the government of Uttar Pradesh. Currently, this project is suspended in the balance due to lack of funds. Along with this, FNG’s work is also stuck in two. Noida Authority has also spent funds for this.

Chilla Elevated Road
Chilla’s elevated road stuck in limbo

strong points

  • In the state government budget, once again, the hope of the project budget was raised.
  • A separate budget may also be announced for FNG
  • The connectivity of this highway with Haryana must be done by the construction of a bridge over the Yamuna.
Naida: The UP government will present the 2023 budget on Wednesday. With this, the city is again expected to secure funds for the Chilla Elevated Road Project. It is another thing that last time the hope of getting this fund was also raised from the Rs 30,000 crore budget given to the disabled. I waited a whole year for this. Several times, letters were also sent by the Noida authority, but the funds were not released under the project. This is why the work of this elevated road has been stopped for almost a year. This time, expectations have risen even further. If the government makes a separate announcement for this project in the budget, then the way will be clear.

Chilla elevated road is to be constructed from Mahamaya flyover to Mayur Vihar flyover in Delhi for 5.96 km. Noida Authority and PWD have signed an agreement in this project with the connectivity of two states. In this, half of the amount is to be paid to the disabled and the other half to the Noida Authority. Noida Authority had also launched this project in June 2020 with its own funds. The authority has already imposed about Rs 39 crore. But no funding has yet been received for the project from PWD. For this, the authority also sent letters constantly. With the increase in time, the cost of the project has also increased. The project, which started with Rs 650 crore, reached Rs 800 crore after some changes.

A separate announcement can be made for FNG

The Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad highway project is included in the priority of the government. With this, there will be direct connectivity between Haryana and two cities in UP, Noida and Ghaziabad. The project has been reviewed several times at the level of the Secretary General. A bridge over the Yamuna is also to be constructed with 50-50% participation from UP and Haryana in the project. Work needs to be done in many places, from NH-9 to the Yamuna Bridge. It is expected that a separate announcement will be made for this highway in the budget.

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