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Cigarette smoke, alcohol in hands… Drunk party in Greater Noida society elevator, 3 accused arrested – alcohol smoke party in Greater Noida society elevator cctv video news



Greater Noida: Incidents of child abuse continue to ride high in society’s elevator, but everyone is surprised to see elder abuse in Sunday’s viral video. In the viral 35-second video, seven youngsters are seen boarding the elevator at S City Society located in Sector 1. One youngster blows cigarette smoke while facing CCTV and the other carries openly drinking.

The youngsters are also alleged to have made alcohol pegs, although they are not seen doing the pegs in the footage. It is said that all are intoxicated. There was also an attempt to tamper with the CCTV camera. The police arrested three defendants. The police are raiding to identify others and arrest them.

The viral video was told on Saturday evening. Footage shows seven young people entering the elevator in Tower B. One of these young men mocks society’s system by abusing them by puffing cigarette smoke while watching CCTV. At the end of the footage, another young man is also seen lowering the CCTV installed in the elevator.

After this video went viral, apart from the society’s security system, people also raised questions about youth misdeeds on social media. The investigation revealed that one of the defendants, Stellar Jeevan Society Ankush, took an apartment in S City Society. Her housewarming party was Saturday. After the party in the apartment, all the friends took the elevator to Stellar Jeevan Society.

Police arrested Ashish Kaushik, a resident of Mathura, Dilip Singh Rawat, a resident of Chhatarpur in Delhi, as well as Ankush. ADCP Rajeev Dixit says one accused has been arrested. Others will soon be arrested.