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Corpse of Ghaziabad businessman found in car after police investigation into murder-suicide



Corpse of Ghaziabad businessman in car: The body of a businessman living in Vaishali, Ghaziabad was found in his car. It is said that there was a quarrel with the wife of the deceased. The illegal relationship is said to be the reason behind it. However, this has not yet been confirmed by law enforcement authorities.

Dead body of Ghaziabad businessman found in car
The body of a businessman found in his car in Vaishali in Ghaziabad

strong points

  • Vasundhara lived with his businessman wife and two sons in Sector-13.
  • On Thursday, he argued with his wife about something.
  • After that, he took his car and left the house.
  • His body was found lying in his own car in Sector 6 of Vaishali on Friday morning.
Vaishali: The businessman, who left home after an argument with his wife, was found dead in his car in Sector 6 of Vaishali the following day. Foam was coming out of his mouth, he was lying dead on the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, when someone saw the corpse in the car, the feeling spread there. People informed the police. Police arrived at the scene, took the body into custody, and family members were called to the scene. Police say after the autopsy the exact cause of death will be known. The police are currently checking if there was anyone else with him in the car. The police are investigating the murder and suicide from all angles. We also learn that the businessman had been in difficulty for a long time. There was a continuing loss in the business. Apart from this, the issue of illegal relationships also comes to the fore.

Harshvardhan Raturi, originally from Chamoli in Uttarakhand, lived with his wife and two sons in Sector 13 of Vasundhara. Older brother Arvind and his parents live in an apartment in Shalimar Garden. Harshvardhan ran an import-export and consultancy office in the Sunrise mall in Vasundhara. On Friday morning, someone informed the police that a person was lying unconscious in a car outside Arogya Hospital in Sector 6 of Vaishali. When police arrived at the scene, they saw Harshvardhan’s corpse lying on the driver’s seat of the Swift car, foam coming out of his mouth. The police identified them based on the car number and notified their next of kin. Also sent the corpse for autopsy.

The cause of death is not yet known

Arvind and other family members reached the post-mortem house after the incident. Arvind says he lives in Shalimar Garden separately from Harshvardhan so there is not much information about it. However, it is said that Harshvardhan got into a fight with his wife over a problem on Thursday evening, after which he left the house with a car. The next day, Friday, his body was found in Vaishali. Whether he consumed a poisonous substance or died by suffocation in the car or for any other reason will only be known after the autopsy.

The loss was in business, had taken a loan from some people

According to law enforcement sources, Harshvardhan had suffered losses in his business in the past. Since then, the works were going badly, for which he had taken out a loan from acquaintances to repair them. There was no improvement in the work, the problems were increasing. On the other hand, acquaintances also urged him to return the money. Because of this too, he was running very mentally disturbed.

The issue of illegal relationships is also coming to the fore.

In the initial investigation, the issue of Harsh Vardhan’s illegal relationship with another woman is also highlighted. It is said that because of this he often had quarrels with his wife. However, the police have not yet confirmed this. After recovering Harshvardhan’s body, the police were investigating everything. Police have spoken to family members but they are unable to reveal much. Police are scanning footage from CCTV cameras installed in front and around Arogya Hospital. We are also trying to find out if the businessman was alone in the car or if someone else was with him. ACP Indirapuram Swatantra Singh said family members of the businessman were notified by sending the body for autopsy. The correct information about the reason for his death will only be available after the post-mortem report. The whole matter is under investigation.

There are many questions, the police are looking for answers

1. Murder or suicide by consuming a toxic substance?
2. He was a debtor, there was a loss in the business, it is also detected
3. The question of illegal relations also comes to mind, is this the reason for the death?
4. Was the businessman alone in the car or was there someone else with him

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