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Cow killer rots in hell… Allahabad HC speaks volumes about ban on cow slaughter citing Vedas



Prayagraj: The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court requested the Center to declare the cow as a “protected national animal” and enact a central law to prohibit the slaughter of the cows. The bench quoted the Vedas to say that anyone who kills cows or allows others to kill them is supposed to rot in hell. Justice Shamim Ahmed said that India being a secular country, it is important to respect all religions.

Judge Shamim Ahmed made the remarks while hearing a motion by Mohammad Abdul Khaliq. Mohammad Abdul Khaliq of Barabanki appealed to the court to dismiss the case filed against him. But the court refused to do so. Abdul is charged with slaughtering cows and transporting beef for sale. During the hearing, Judge Ahmed said that India being a secular country, it is important to respect all religions. Justice Shamim Ahmed said this also includes Hinduism’s belief that the cow should be protected and respected, as it represents divine and natural goodness.

This court also hopes and expects that the central government can make an appropriate decision to ban the slaughter of cows in the country and declare it a “protected national animal”, the court said in its February 14 order. The bench noted that most states have their own laws against slaughtering cows and selling and eating beef.

Referring to the beliefs of Hinduism, Justice Shamim Ahmed said that Brahma gave life to priests and cows at the same time. Thus, priests can recite religious texts, while cows can give ghee as prasad in rituals.

The cow has also been associated with various gods and goddesses, especially Lord Shiva (whose servant is Nandi, a bull). Lord Indra (closely associated with Kamadhenu, the wish-granting cow), Lord Krishna (was a cowherd in his youth), and the goddesses (due to their motherly qualities). The bench said that the cow is the most sacred of all animals in Hinduism. He is known as Kamdhenu, or the divine cow and the giver of all desires.

Along with this, Judge Shamim Ahmed refused to quash the case filed against Mohammad Khaliq while making such remarks. The bench said that from the police indictment it appears that the offense was committed.