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Cylinder explodes making tea in Khoda Colony, Ghaziabad



Indirapuram News: While making tea on Wednesday morning, a cylinder exploded in Khoda settlement. Four people were burned in the explosion, who were admitted to hospital in Safdarganj.

Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad: In the Vandana Enclave Bihari Colony area of ​​Thana Khoda adjacent to Delhi, there was suddenly an atmosphere of chaos when there was a huge explosion inside a house. The fire broke out with the explosion, after which people everywhere were horrified. When people rushed to the scene after hearing the sound of the explosion, they learned that the gas was turned on to make tea and the whole house had caught fire. During this time, the gas cylinder also exploded. 4 people present in the house were completely burned. Everyone was rushed to hospital and the fire crew was rushed to alert. Based on the information, the firefighting team brought the fire under control after much effort.

A fire broke out in the house due to a leaking cylinder

According to reports, Dhananjay Singh is living with the family in a house located in Vandana Enclave Bihari settlement under Thana Khoda region. On Wednesday morning, the woman came to the kitchen to make tea and when she turned on the gas, a fire suddenly broke out, as the gas cylinder was already leaking. The gas cylinder exploded as soon as the fire broke out. Fortunately, as soon as there was a loud explosion, the people around ran in place and pulled all four out of the house, but despite this, Dhananjay Singh, his wife, his brother-in-law and a child of about 9 years have been scorched.

people in shock

The eyewitness recounted that when the fire broke out in the house, there was a loud explosion and its sound drifted away. Hearing the sound of the explosion, people rushed to the scene and after warning the firefighters and the police, the four people present in the house were extracted after many efforts. We are told that the gas cylinder was already leaking. The house caught fire by turning on the gas stove.

The crash happened at 7:15 a.m.

ACP Indirapuram said police received reports of a fire at a house in Vandana Enclave Bihari settlement around 7:15 a.m. With immediate effect, the fire crew arrived on the scene and after much effort the fire was brought under control. All the injured were taken to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

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