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Dacoit Hiralal, 101-year-old prisoner of Jhansi prison, died in hospital



Report – Ashwani Kumar

Jhansi. Hiralal, a 101-year-old prisoner who was serving a sentence for robbery at Jhansi District Jail of UP, died while undergoing treatment at the Medical College. Hiralal was sentenced to 5 years in prison in a dacoity case two years ago. Since then he had been in prison. According to reports, prisoner Hiralal’s health deteriorated in the prison 4 days ago. After that, he was admitted to medical school. Hiralal died during treatment. Hiralal was the oldest prisoner among the prisoners serving their sentence in the district prison.

Prison superintendent Rang Bahadur Patel said Hiralal’s (101-year-old) son Manu Pal was a resident of Chirkana village in Katera. Some time ago, he and his associates robbed a temple in Uldan Police Station. On this charge, the police arrested Hiralal. After a long hearing, on February 9, 2021, the court was sentenced to 5 years in prison in dacoity law, since then Hiralal has been housed in the district prison.

Uncle lived with his girlfriend: Narayan
Narayan’s nephew reached Jhansi on the news of prisoner Hiralal’s death. Nephew Narayan said his uncle lived with his girlfriend. Indeed, while he was working as a laborer in the village, the uncle had befriended a woman from the neighborhood. After a while, the friendship turned into love. Then Hiralal and the wife started living together. Hiralal’s wife and children are dead. At the same time, the nephew said that he never came to meet him out of fear, but now that he heard of the death, he came.

Corpse handed over to his nephew
On the other hand, in this regard, Prison Superintendent Rang Bahadur Patel claims that on February 25, the health of Prisoner Hiralal, who was serving his sentence in the prison, deteriorated. Due to health issues, Hiralal was admitted to medical school. He died Tuesday evening while being treated here. Prison superintendent Rang Bahadur Patel said that after the autopsy of prisoner Hiralal’s body, the body was handed over to nephew Narayan.

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