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Dalal demands thousands of rupees to get home in holi festival in bihar trains from delhi ghaziabad



Ghaziabad: There is no more space on any train on each route on Holi. There are no seats on most trains and on those where reservations are made, the wait is very long. People don’t get tickets even in Tatkal. In such a situation, people who want to celebrate the holiday by going to their homes are very upset. Seeing this, the brokers became active again. Touts advise the needy to buy general tickets and by promising an easy journey on the train, they collect from them 1,000 to 1,500 rupees.

Such touts continue to hover around the rail reservation center and travel agent office. Touts promise to get people desperate for tickets to reach their destination. Although the touts do not obtain the tickets directly, they instead ask the passenger to take a general ticket and board the train. The touts say their associate will be outside the station who will lead the passenger to the train and also arrange a seat on the train. There will be a charge for this. In such a situation, people in difficulty fall into their trap.

Some people who were going to travel in this way said on condition of anonymity that someone outside the reservation center had joined them and had started talking to them about the ticket. After getting out of the station, he said he would find a place for them on the train, but for that, a charge of Rs 1500 per person would have to be paid in addition to the ticket price. The passenger wishes to travel to Gorakhpura with 5 family members, but it was not possible for him to pay the additional amount of Rs 6,000. After the conversation, the broker promised to secure a seat for five passengers in the train for Rs 5000. The passenger said that even Rs 5000 is a big sum for him so he will only go home after Holi.

reservation by software
Recently, the RPF had arrested those who had booked tickets from Noida. We learned that touts used to book tickets in advance using software. The software used to speed up the PNR generation process. Agents bypassed the IRCTC captcha and logged in with multiple credentials and booked all tickets at once.

special monitoring of brokers
The railway’s PRO Ajay Michael said the railway’s Vigilance Service is particularly watching touts. The numbering has been arranged on the form so that the right person receives the ticket immediately when they enter the queue. Registered sellers have been banned from booking tatkal tickets.

Officers are under investigation
Authorized railway agents can create sub-agents under their responsibility. Officials said all of these agents are also checked from time to time. Officers are required to post a sign and certificate at their office where they are visible to anyone on the go. If an agent does not have these two items, information can be provided at the nearest station.

Jawans were deployed at the reservation center. The jawans watch the suspects. For now, nothing beats the activism of center touts. A continuous control campaign is carried out at the station.

Yashwant Saluja, Manager, RPF

what travelers say
Gopal Sharma said I had to go to Benares, but I couldn’t get the ticket. I was approached by someone outside the reservation counter. He said he would get the ticket and charge extra Rs 1000 for it but I refused.

Savita Kumari said I had to go to Kanpur but didn’t get the ticket even after two attempts. Spoke to the travel agent, but he also refused to do the ticket immediately. However, he definitely advised this trip by taking a general ticket.

Vijay Kumar said I had to go to Lucknow but couldn’t get train ticket. Contacted the travel agent, he also refused to get a Tatkal ticket. A tout was found near the station who was asking an extra thousand rupees for the ticket.

50 including 17 brokers arrested
In view of Holi, from February 1, a campaign is being carried out by Northern Railway by forming special teams to catch touts. As part of the campaign, 17 ticket dealers have been arrested so far, 459 train tickets worth Rs 853,152 have been recovered from them. A total of 33 people involved in carrying tickets were also arrested during this campaign.

The number of people returning home by train and bus has increased
The crowd of people who want to go home to Holi keeps growing at the train station and at the bus stop. The crowd of passengers had started gathering at the train station and at the bus stop since the very morning. The trains are full and there is no room on the bus. In such a situation, where passengers get space, they board there. The reserve bogies of the trains have also been transformed into general bogies. Several passengers board the 72-seater bogie. At the same time, bus passengers are forced to travel by climbing onto the roof.