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Deceived in the name of becoming the President of the Women’s Commission



Sunil Saket, Agra: A vicious person has been arrested by police in Agra, UP. The defendants used to call people and promise to make them members of the Women’s Commission. The defendants made women active in politics their victims. Vicious had also made the former BJP MP a victim of his fraud. I was arrested by the police on Thursday. The police sent the accused to prison.

On February 26, a call was received on the cell phone of Hemlata Diwakar Kushwaha, MP for rural Agra. The caller said I am Dr. Ajay Chauhan speaking from Chief Minister’s office. This time, the former deputy must be elected president of the Women’s Commission. The president of the women’s commission will be appointed. For this, 2 thousand rupees will have to be deposited as registration fee. Vicious kept calling him constantly.

On February 28, the former BJP MP sent him Rs 2,000 via Google Pay, but when he became suspicious, his brother Geetam alias Sonu Diwakar filed an FIR. The police, with the help of the monitoring team, arrested the accused Yashveer Singh, a resident of Bamboo Shobharam, Samra Khandauli village and sent him to prison.

A group has formed on behalf of BJP Agra
Female activists who were active in the BJP were once targets of the vicious. He took their mobile numbers through social media and added them to his WhatsApp group named BJP Agra.

been cheating for a long time
The Inspector in Charge of Khandauli Police Station, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, said the accused was a vicious type of criminal. Two cases are registered against him at the Khandauli police station. He used to trap politicians in his net. He used to call people and tell them he was assigned to the chief minister’s office. The style of conversation had also changed. In his game, he made many people victims of fraud.