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Diarrhea in Ghaziabad: Diarrhea spread due to drinking water provided in Ghaziabad, 2 children died



Ghaziabad: Two children died of diarrhea in the EWS settlement of Swaranjayantipuram. More than 6 children had to be hospitalized. 20 patients are cared for at home. The health department took 5 samples of the water that was supplied. There are insects in it. 4 samples failed. The municipality started to supply drinking water by tanker trucks in the settlement. GDA officials are also engaged in relief operations.

Manohar Singh’s daughter, Ankita (7), was admitted to hospital on July 19. He died the next day. Ankita’s younger sister, Anshu (3), is undergoing treatment at the Combined Hospital. His condition remains critical. Anil’s son Krishna (5), who lived in the settlement, also died of diarrhoea. Krishna was discharged from a private hospital to Combined, where he died on July 21. Rajesh’s sons Sonu (4) and Sujan (8) had to be admitted to hospital on July 21.

Illegal connection spoiled the situation
The preliminary investigation revealed that people had illegally taken connections in the pipeline here. In some places, similar connections were opened, in which even the tap was not installed. When pond water pooled near the settlements when it rained, the same dirty water went down the drain. From there it was supplied to EWS houses. People were put in possession of 183 EWS apartments and plots. But, only a few people have a valid water connection.

The colony is surrounded by a pond on 3 sides. A local resident, Sudha, said that about a month and a half ago the animal died in a pond. The wall of the rain pond collapsed and dirty water filled the settlement. The drinking water supply pipe ran through the same filth. There was a leak in it. This water came to people’s homes from the supply pipe. People also complained to the GDA and the Municipal Corporation about the dirty water coming in, but they didn’t pay attention. Manish said that after the death of 2 children, the officers lost sleep. Dirt has been strewn here for several days.