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DM Neha Jain Matha Pratibha Shukla and Devendra Singh Bhole made serious allegations against SDM in Madauli village of Kanpur Dehat



DM Neha Jain and Math SDM are facing serious charges in the self-immolation case of a mother and daughter in Kanpur Dehat. Both the Minister of State and the MP held them responsible for the incident.


strong points

  • The MP openly called the SDM dishonest and the Minister of State called the DM ruthless.
  • Letter sent to CM to investigate extortion on behalf of Kanpur Mahotsav
Gaurav Rathore, Kanpur Dehat: Ministers and MPs look helpless in front of officers after the mother-daughter was burned alive in front of the team that went to eliminate Maitha tehsil’s illegal encroachment in Madauli. The Minister of State for Women’s Welfare says she had no idea the DM was so ruthless. The BJP MP, a strong leader in the district, had openly asked Matha SDM to remove him from the DM calling him dishonest. Even after that, it was not removed. Now members are questioning the deputy minister. One thing is quite clear from the statement of these public officials that bureaucracy dominates in the district.

In the village of Madauli, on February 13, a mother and her daughter were burned alive in their hut in front of the team which had gone to remove the illegal encroachment. After this incident, there was an earthquake in the state politics and the bulldozer of Yogi’s government is said to be lethal. It is normal for opposition parties to surround the government, but ministers and district deputies also besiege the officers. Ask them. It is clear that the bureaucracy neglects the representatives of the people. They are not listened to.

Let’s tell what the Minister of State said

Speaking to reporters after the Madauli incident, the state government’s Minister of State for Women’s Welfare, Pratibha Shukla, said she was the MP for the village where the incident took place. product. Such a serious incident happened in his constituency when he was Minister of Women’s Welfare. He said what is the point of being such a Minister of Women’s Welfare. He said that on January 14, the tehsil administration demolished the partial construction outside the hut of Krishna Gopal Dixit. Then he spoke to the SM and asked him to listen to the problem of the victim’s family. The victim’s family arrived at DM Neha Jain. Then, instead of listening to the issue, the DM filed a report on the victim’s family in Akbarpur Kotwali under Balwa and other sections. MoS says she didn’t know DM is so cruel. Such a big incident will happen because of them. By now, one thing is clear from the Minister of State’s statement that the DM didn’t listen to him.

Now know what MP Devendra Singh Bhole said

In Madauli village where mother and daughter were burned alive, this village belongs to Akbarpur Lok Sabha constituency. The MP here is Devendra Singh Bhole. He became a member of this seat for the second consecutive time. He also served as a minister in the state government before. The deputy said in a telephone conversation that he regretted the incident. Says businessman Balwant was beaten to death on December 12 in police custody. Then, SDM Matha was asked to rent the land to the victim’s family. The SDM had already acted arbitrarily. With that, the MP publicly called the SDM dishonest in front of the DM. Also asked the DM to take it down. The MP said that after that, SDM Gyaneshwar Prasad was not removed from office. SDM didn’t do any work without taking money. This information was given to DM several times, but it had no effect. The result was that in less than two months a big incident happened.

MP says extortion in name of festival

MP Devendra Singh Bhole also asked about Kanpur Dehat Mahotsav. He said it is completely wrong to collect donations to run government programs. The DM made the government program a private program by massive extortion. No consultation was conducted with any public representative. A letter has been written to the Chief Minister to investigate the fundraising. Similarly, Etawah MP Dr. Ramshankar Katheria said a huge sum was collected from the people on behalf of the event. Instead of promoting programs, money was wasted on organizing entertainment programs. He said it needed to be investigated.

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