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Doctors at AIIMS in Gorakhpur did wonders, opened young man’s jaw that had been closed for 15 years and gave him new life



Gorakhpur: The doctors of Gorakhpur AIIMS (AIIMS Gorakhpur) have achieved a great feat and opened the jaw of a young man, which had been closed for 15 years. The young man lived his life only with the help of liquid. But the doctors breathed new life into the young man by having him undergo a successful operation. Now everyone is talking about it. Doctors say this is the first such operation in Gorakhpur.

Doctors who are called God on earth have again proven that this is why they are called God. Yes, the doctors of Gorakhpur AIIMS dental department managed to perform such an operation, which is considered very complicated. A 20-year-old whose jaw had been locked for 15 years, the youngster lived his life solely on liquid substances. The body had also become very weak.

The AIIMS team of doctors breathed new life into him by successfully performing the operation. Doctors say that this type of surgery is very complicated. After the success of the operation, where the AIIMS doctors are delighted, the young man’s family seems very happy. And can’t get enough of praising the doctors.

Young man’s jaw hadn’t opened for 15 years
A 20-year-old residing at Laxmipur in Jhangha region had been suffering from a severe disease of not opening his jaw for 15 years. Family members say the young man’s breathing stopped for a moment while he slept. The whole family was very worried and upset about this, doctors from Gorakhpur to Lucknow were shown. But the young man was getting no relief.

Finally, on someone’s advice, the family members showed the young man to the dental and surgical department of Gorakhpur AIIMS, where Dr. Shailesh Kumar, assistant professor and maxillofacial surgeon in the department and his team took carried out a thorough examination of the young man. , it was concluded that the young man suffered from “temporomedicular giant achalasia”. Suffers from a serious disease called “, in which the patient’s skull bone is completely attached to the lower jaw bone. Due to this, the patient’s jaw cannot fully open.

Operating time taken 5 hours
According to Surekha Kishore, Director of AIIMS, after investigation, it was decided to operate on the young man at AIIMS. For this, the team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. Shailesh Kumar, assistant professor in the department of dentistry and surgeon, gave the young man a new life by performing a successful operation on Sunday evening. Everyone, including AIIMS, expresses their joy at the doctor’s success. Dr. Surekha says that this operation was very complicated.

So far, such operations have only taken place in places like Lucknow, Delhi, Bengaluru. This is the first such operation in Gorakhpur and Gorakhpur AIIMS which has been successfully carried out. It took a total of 5 hours to perform the operation. In this operation, the senior doctor Anuradha and the senior resident of the anesthesia department also contributed a lot.

It is very difficult to render patients with this disease unconscious.
Dr. Shailesh Kumar, assistant professor and maxillofacial surgeon in the dental department, says this type of disease is usually very rare. In this, the jaw and the throat bone are connected together, which is known as a disease called “achalasia of the temporo-medical joint”, due to the non-opening of the jaw, the patient is unable to eat and drink.

It survives only on the basis of liquid substances. In this disease, the patient’s breathing stops several times during sleep, which is very dangerous. Dr. Shailesh Kumar says the biggest problem in the functioning of this disease comes from rendering the patient unconscious as the injection of anesthesia does not work easily on him, the process of unconsciousness is very complicated. Special equipment is used to render them unconscious.

(Report – Pramod Pal)