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Dragon fruit: Meerut will be known for his government program of growing yogi dragon fruit for the improvement of western farmers



Merut: Western Uttar Pradesh is known for growing sugar cane, hence its name Sugar Bowl. The Yogi government is leading the Horticulture Mission campaign to encourage farmers in western Uttar Pradesh to adopt agriculture other than traditional farming. Within this framework, subsidies are also granted to farmers. In such a situation, farmers started turning to horticulture to double their income. As part of the government’s horticultural mission, farmers get good incomes by quitting their traditional agriculture. As part of the mission, farmers grow dragon fruit in large quantities.

8 lakh income will start 5th year
Sachin Chaudhary, a progressive farmer from Meerut, left the cultivation of sugar cane from generation to generation and started the cultivation of dragon fruit. Sachin started this agriculture in the village of Bhainsa in the Mawana region. Sachin says that in April last year he brought 1600 saplings from Gujarat and planted them on one acre. For this, 400 poles were erected on one acre and four plants were planted on each pole like a cactus vine.

However, flowers have started to grow there and dragon fruits will also be produced in no time. Sachin said it cost around five lakh rupees to grow dragon fruit on an acre. The price of a piece of dragon fruit in the retail market ranges from 200 to 250 rupees. Fruit will be produced from April to October. Dragon fruit has a shelf life of 15 to 20 years. Sachin says that from the fifth year, he expects a potential income of around eight lakhs per year.

Save water by adopting drip irrigation
At the same time, considering the drop in water level, Sachin also took special measures to save water. Sachin Chaudhary used drip irrigation for irrigation in dragon fruit field. This will not only save water, but also save electricity. He said after dragon fruit production, he will go to big mandis including Ghazipur mandi in Delhi to sell the fruits. There is every hope of getting a good price there.

Strong increase in revenue
District Horticulture Officer Gampal Singh says growing dragon fruit is a good sign for farmers in Meerut. As an incentive from the government, subsidies are also given to farmers who practice horticulture. Dragon fruit is sold at a high price in the market, thanks to which the income of farmers will increase significantly.