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drinking game of death



Agra: Two friends made such a condition to give their friend alcohol that within minutes his breath stopped. Moreover, after his death, they divided the money he had in his pocket and fled. On the information of eyewitnesses, family members admitted him to the hospital, but by then he had lost his life. The police arrested the two defendants and sent them to prison. To find out the cause of death of the young, the body of the deceased was preserved.

The case concerns the Agra police station in the Tajganj region. The brother of the deceased, Sukhveer, said that on February 8, his brother Jaisingh’s son, Charan Singh, a resident of Dhandhupura, was given three liters of country liquor by his two friends Bhola and Keshav within 10 minutes. Jaisingh was forced to drink alcohol in such a way that his health deteriorated and he died. They also took out 60,000 rupees kept in his pocket. Who were divided between Keshav and Bhola.

Murder told under conspiracy
Sukhveer, the brother of the deceased said that his brother Jaisingh was driving a rickshaw. He had left his house with Rs 60,000 to deposit the deposit for the vehicle. Along the way, he met Keshav and Bhola. Both were forced to drink alcohol near the Shilpgram parking lot in Tajganj. Whose information was given to him by eyewitnesses. He said that some time ago his brother had a fight with Keshav. In revenge, his brother is killed.

The two defendants sent to prison

Sukhveer said that upon his complaint, the police arrested Bhola and Keshav. He was kept in custody for two days. On February 11, the police registered a culpable homicide case against the two of them and sent them to jail. ACP Archana Singh said that according to eyewitnesses Jaisingh was heavily intoxicated. Now something mixed with alcohol was given to drink. The viscera were kept for his investigation. The cause of death will be known after the investigation report.