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Elephant attack kills four-year-old child and his grandmother in Gorakhpur



The yagya was to be held in the Mohammadpur Mafi village of Gorakhpur. Prior to this, preparations for the procession continued. The elephant was also to participate in the procession. Seeing the crowd, the elephant got scared and started running. crushes three of his men. An innocent four-year-old and his grandmother lost their lives after falling under the grip of an elephant.

Krishna crushed to death by an elephant

strong points

  • Three dead crushed in elephant attack in Gorakhpur
  • Kaushalya Devi and her grandson Krishna are among the dead.
  • Innocent Krishna was born after 12 years of marriage
Pramod Pal, Gorakhpur: An out-of-control elephant snatched a family’s lamp during a religious event in Gorakhpur, the hometown of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. This child was born after 12 years of prayers. How did anyone know that the place where the child was razed a year ago, would die there. The pain of losing her son and mother together is clearly visible in Pooja’s cries. The whole village is inconsolable when they see their daughter’s cry.

Thursday has become a dark day for the residents of Mohammadpur Mafi village located in Chiluatal police station area. A Yagya was to be organized in this village, for which a Kalash Yatra was to be released. Thousands of people had also arrived from surrounding areas to participate in the Kalash Yatra. An elephant was also brought in for the procession. Meanwhile, seeing the crowd, the elephant got scared and ran over three people. Four-year-old Krishna and his maternal grandmother Kaushalya Devi also lost their lives in the elephant attack.

Pooja had come to her mother’s house with the child 3 days ago.

Family members say Kaushalya Devi’s daughter Pooja got married 12 years ago. Krishna was born four years ago after many blessings. A year ago, the innocent was shaved in the same place where the incident took place. 3 days ago on the call of the mother, an apology had come from her in-laws in Khajni regarding Pooja Krishna to her mother-in-law, Mohammadpur. Krishna was often ill from birth. Kaushalya Devi said Yagya is going to be detained in the village after many years, come here with your grandson. Krishna will be completely healed after attending Yagya and getting God’s blessings. But I don’t know what was acceptable for Niyat.

It’s better for God to keep my knees empty : Pooja

After Krishna was born, Pooja’s womb also had to be removed. The cries of adoration do not stop. With tears in her eyes, she says if God had to play a cruel joke with me, then why did my knees fill up. Pooja sometimes blamed God for the extinction of his Kuldeepak and sometimes his misfortune. Seeing this, even those present could not hold back their tears.

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