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Elephant creating panic in Gorakhpur belongs to BJP MP Vipin Singh



The elephant of Vipin Singh, who has become a deputy of Gorakhpur Rural Assembly for the second time, was sent to participate in the procession. During this time, seeing the crowd, he panicked and began to run hither and thither. Three people lost their lives under its influence. Now the policy has started on this.

bipin singh
Akhilesh attack on BJP MP Bipin Singh

strong points

  • Seeing the crowd in Gorakhpur, the elephant crushed three people to death
  • This elephant turned out to be of BJP MLA Vipin Singh from Gorakhpur Rural Headquarters.
  • Elephant bred from Vipin Singh’s father, former MPP Ambika Singh
Pramod Pal, Gorakhpur: The elephant that caused panic during a religious ritual in Mohammadpur Mafi village of Chiluatal region on Thursday is believed to belong to local BJP MP Vipin Singh. This tragic accident has now taken a political turn. Samajwadi party chairman Akhilesh Yadav tweeted about the Yogi government under the guise of a BJP MP. Akhilesh Yadav wrote on his Twitter account: “It remains to be seen who will feed the elephant, the alleged owner of the BJP, the MLA or the police station.”

This elephant belongs to BJP MLA Vipin Singh of Gorakhpur Rural Assembly. Vipin Singh won from here for the first time during CM Yogi Adityanath’s first term. Despite strong opposition for the second time, the BJP gave him the ticket and he was again elected MP. The elephant has been bred at Vipin Singh for many years. Elephants have been bred since the time of their father Ambika Singh at the behest of a Brahmin for certain religious beliefs and for the removal of family defects. His father Ambika Singh was also a BSP MLA in 2007 from Kaudiram assembly. It is said that on Thursday this elephant was sent to Mohammadpur Mafi village to take part in the yagya procession, where this tragic incident took place.

tweet akhilesh

Tweet by Akhilesh Yadav

Three more years ago, the elephant took the life of its mahout

The elephant’s name is Prasad. Also earlier in 2020, the same elephant killed his mahout Shabbir. A villager says that people in the village repeatedly asked the mahout to take the elephant away but the mahout did not pay attention to their words. The crowd was increasing near the elephant, because of which he became angry. The enraged elephant crushed three people to death.

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