Etah News: Etah roadside vendor has the security of two police officers engaged in the security of the clothing vendor

Etah News: Etah roadside vendor has the security of two police officers engaged in the security of the clothing vendor

Etah: In Etah, UP, people are surprised to see a trader selling clothes by putting a handcart in the road. Not only the people, he himself was also surprised on Sunday when two soldiers came to stand near his handcart. At first he thought they were clients, but it turns out they had come to protect him. Now this young man named Rameshwar Dayal (Etah Road Safety Salesman) is standing on the road selling clothes, the policemen are sitting with two chairs behind…and the customers are surprised. People often mistook police personnel sitting at their store as customers.

In fact, this person named Rameshwar Dayal had written an FIR against Etah’s former SP MLA Rameshwar Yadav and his brother, former district panchayat chairman Jugendra Singh. This security was provided to him by the Etah District Administration on the instruction of the High Court. The case is due to be heard on July 25.

Rameshwar Dayal had complained to SP leader
Rameshwar Dayal had filed an FIR on June 3 at Jaithra Police Station in Etah. In this he had accused former SP MP Rameshwar Singh Yadav, his brother former district panchayat chairman Jugendra Singh Yadav, former Lekhpal Ramkhiladi, Ramamurthy, Rekha. There were allegations that these people forced bail for him. He was held hostage and also suffered caste abuse.

The defendants in this case, former MP Rameshwar Singh Yadav and his brother Jugendra Singh Yadav appealed the case to the High Court. It has been said that this FIR is false and should be rejected.

The judge got angry seeing the state
During the hearing, when the judge saw Rameshwar Dayal, he expressed his displeasure. He said how did the victim come here without security? Why haven’t the police provided him with security yet? Subsequently, the judge issued orders to ensure the safety of the victim.

Therefore, after the High Court order on Sunday, two armed police officers were deployed for the protection of victim Rameshwar Dayal. Rameshwar Dayal’s financial situation is not good. There is no store, so to feed the family they sell clothes on the handcart. However, now that he has secured security, Rameshwar Dayal feels better. (Report: Abhishek Pachauri)


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