Etah News: Etah tractor carriage collided with school wall, five injured

Etah News: Etah tractor carriage collided with school wall, five injured

Etah: A major accident was avoided in Etah, Uttar Pradesh. The case of a death under the influence of uncontrolled moving vehicles on the road is another matter. Here, the lives of innocent students who were studying in the vehicle school wall were in danger. The tractor-truck collision on the road was so strong that the school boundary wall collapsed. 5 students were injured when the wall collapsed. The incident concerns the village of Jirasmi in the Kotwali countryside of Etah.

The tractor-trolley collided with the wall of Jirasmi Upper Primary School in Etah Kotwali countryside. The wall collapsed during the collision. 7 students were injured when the wall collapsed. All were taken to medical school. For information, Sadar SDM Shivkumar, CO City Kalu Singh and BSA Sanjay Kumar Singh reached Medical College and spoke to the injured. At the same time, the headmistress of the school filed a complaint in Kotwali.

Nirmala Devi, the headmaster of Girsami Upper Primary School, said in the letter given to Kotwali that classes were held at the school at 8.25am on Wednesday morning. The tractor-cart coming at high speed, which was filled with about 4,000 bricks, hit the wall of the school. For this reason, the wall fell on the students who were studying near the perimeter wall. In this case, Saurabh, Deepak, Arslan, Vipin Kumar, students of the eighth class, were injured. At the same time, Amit, a seventh-grader, was also injured. He said the tractor drivers, workers fled the scene.

The director asked to file a report on the owner of the tractor, the driver and the owner of the oven. School teachers said the tractor cart was bringing bricks from Allipur village under Amanpur police station area of ​​Kasganj district. He said there was an overload of bricks in the tractor carriage. Even then, his speed was very high. The teachers said that the tractor drivers overload the vehicles and roll the vehicles on the roads.

The children were studying outside because of the heat. The teachers said the temperature was too high. There was no electricity in the school on Wednesday morning. Due to the heat, the students were seated outside. At the same time, a teacher was teaching the children. BSA Sanjay Kumar Singh said students have been the talk of the town in this matter. 15 to 20 students sat there. The school’s Chahar wall collapsed following the collision of the overloaded tractor trolley. Five students were injured. The injured were admitted to the faculty of medicine. Two students were injured. A complaint was filed against the owner and operator of the kiln, including the tractor driver.

ARTO administration Satyendra Kumar said in all this matter that information about the incident had been received. The PTO was sent to the scene for investigation. Measurements will be taken on the tractor carriage. Overloading will not be permitted under any circumstances. Along with this, ARTO also stated that the challan was also deducted in order to intervene in a tractor with no license plate and no overload. (Report – Abhishek Pachauri)


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