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fake drug factory dismantled in ghaziabad loni tronika city



Ghaziabad: A fake drug factory dismantled in the town of Loni in Tronika. Samples of 14 drugs were sent for examination, 2 of which turned out to be fake. Only the edible powder was mixed with the medicine costing more than one lakh rupees. The amount of the formula that was in both drugs was also found to be less. The brain is a doctor. The investigative team claims he trained in making fake drugs in China and then opened a factory in Delhi. These drugs were packaged in Tronica City and supplied to Delhi-NCR and the rest of the country.

In November last year, the UP Drugs Department and Delhi Criminal Branch team carried out raids. The accused doctor and engineer were then arrested and sent to prison. Drug Inspector Ashutosh Mishra said fake drugs were seized from the factory. Samples of 14 drugs were sent to the Lucknow lab for testing.

The raid took place on November 11 in Tronica City, near Delhi. The Delhi Crime Branch team arrested 4 people including a doctor, engineer after preliminary investigation by UP Drugs Department officers. The four defendants are currently in prison. The medicine was fake, the team from the medicine department found out at the same time.

Samples were sent to the lab to confirm what was mixed in these drugs. Generally, the four drugs come from abroad. Dr. Pavitra Pradhan would be the mastermind. After training in China, he opened a drug manufacturing plant in Delhi. After making the medicine from there, Tronica used to send it to the city factory for packaging. Along with him, engineers Shubham Munna, Pankaj Singh, and Ankit Sharma handled distribution and other work. From the documents found during the factory raid, it was found that along with Delhi NCR they were also supplying the rest of the country.

Used to craft expensive drugs only

Cancer drugs are usually very expensive. This is the reason why the accused only manufactured these drugs. Some of the drugs retrieved from their factory cost around Rs 10,000 per pill. Ibrutinib capsules (Ibruction) and ibrutinib capsules (Lucibru 140) have so far been found to be counterfeit in the investigation. These drugs are available in the market for 8-10 thousand rupees. These drugs are used in blood cancer and other problems. Doctors advise eating them only when the condition worsens. Similarly, Levantelib Capsule (Lenvanix-4) and Levantelib Capsule (Lenvanix 10) were found to be substandard. Means that the salt (formula) used in these drugs does not meet the standard. The companies of these drugs are from Bangladesh and Colombo.

Counterfeit medicines have also reached public hospitals

Last year, fake drugs were also discovered at Muradnagar CSC. The antibiotic sample taken from Muradnagar Community Health Center (CHC) had failed. Defects were also found in the auxiliary medicine of life-saving medicine given to patients at MMG Hospital. In Rajendra Nagar also, a factory manufacturing fake medicines for animals was unmasked. Fake drugs are made under the pretext of making dietary supplements.

Many cases have occurred in the past year

On September 8, injections worth 16 lakh were sealed at Rajnagar Extension on suspicion of being fake.
On September 21, two people were arrested in Baghpat and Shamli while collecting fake drugs worth Rs 15 lakh.
On November 3, an FIR was filed against four in Sambhal for seizing fake drugs worth one crore.
On November 10, one of them was sent to jail while sealing fake drugs worth five lakhs in Dasna.
– On November 11, in Loni, with the help of Delhi police, fake drugs worth about eight crores were captured.
On November 18, a fake drug factory was discovered in Rajendra Nagar.

Their samples also failed

– Oseltamivir syrup
– amoxicillin syrup
– Ranitidine tablets
– prednisolone tablets
– Ciprofloxacin injection
– clobazem tablets
– Gentamicin eye drops
– Monosafe Meconazole Cream