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Farewell to IAS Anjaneya Singh, who uprooted the fort of Azam Khan, from UP



Anjaneya Kumar Singh, who was the District Magistrate of Rampur, is now returning to his base cadre in Sikkim. Presently, he was working as Commissioner of Moradabad. He was sent on transfer leave for two months. The Yogi government wanted to stop it for a year but permission was not received from the central government.

strong points

  • IAS Anjaneya Singh, who took action against SP chief Azam Khan, quits UP
  • Was assigned to UP for eight years Yogi government wanted to arrest him for one more year
  • Having failed to obtain permission from the central government, he returned to his Sikkim setting.
Moradabad: The time to bid farewell to IAS Anjaneya Kumar Singh who destroyed Azam Khan fort at Rampur is near. The collector who once demolished the properties of Azam, who had the leader of the SP prosecuted and who even put his family behind bars, himself must now leave the UP. Anjaneya Singh, who was the Deputy Minister of Rampur District, was currently working as the Commissioner of Moradabad Division. Now he has been sent on transfer leave for 2 months. He will find his hard core after his return from leave. Anjaneya Singh is an IAS group of 2005 from Sikkim cadre.

Deputation to the UP in 2015

Anjaneya had obtained a deputation to the UP in the government of Akhilesh Yadav and he came to the UP on February 16, 2015 on the rules of interstate deputation. According to the rules, Anjaneya could remain in deputation for 5 years. In February, just before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Anjaneya was appointed Deputy Minister of Rampur District of the UP. After 1 year, Anjaneya’s 5-year deputation was to be completed. However, when Anjaneya began to tighten his grip on Azam Khan after becoming DM, the Center extended his delegation for another two years. Meanwhile, Anjaneya got all these properties released from Azam and his family, who were charged with unlawful possession. Apart from that, he even declared Azam Khan as a land mafia. Six dozen cases were filed against Azam Khan while he was Anjaneya’s tax collector. In some cases, the situation was such that Azam had to face prison and even penalties.

The Yogi government wants to stop for 1 more year

At the end of a period of 7 years, Anjaneya remained in deputation for 1 more year, that is, until 2023, but this time is also over. Anjaneya was promoted to commissioner of Moradabad in the middle, although he was accused of rigging in Rampur’s election while he was commissioner. This allegation was from SP. Now the time of Anjaneya’s deputation is over. The Yogi government wanted the parliamentary time to be extended by one year, but this could not be done. There was no response to the letter sent to the Centre. Anjaneya has now been sent on transfer leave for 2 months and after that he will join his parents in Sikkim. The PS claims the government has sidelined its most important officer after he stepped down from work. However, the government says returning to the parent frame is part of the process under the rules.

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