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Farmani Naaz Exposed The Truth About Leaving Islam And Adopting Hinduism, You Know That Too



Muzaffarnagar: Controversy over Farmani Naaz, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh has deepened these days. Controversy intensified around his song “Har-Har Shambhu”. Fatwas are issued in the name of the Maulanas regarding how a Muslim girl sang a song. They are asked to refrain from these types of songs. Amid all this, the latest controversy has also deepened regarding Farmani’s departure from Islam. Some people spread rumors that the singer left Islam. When there was an uproar on social media, Farmani Naaz himself came out and spoke the truth. He said some people were trying to defame me on social media by creating a fake account.

What is the truth in the case of Farmani Naaz leaving Islam and adopting Hinduism, the question was heated on Wednesday. Several Twitter accounts bearing Farmani’s name claimed to have converted to Hinduism following threats from the Maulanas. Amid these claims, Farmani Naaz came to the fore. He exposed the truth about the whole affair by posting the video. He said attempts were being made to harass him by creating a fake social media account in his name. He called on the people not to do so.

What did Farmani say?
Farmani posted his statement on Facebook. In the posted video, Farmani Naaz says that many fake IDs were made in my name. It is written that I adopt Hinduism. I worshiped Hinduism in my previous birth. Refuting all these things, Farmani said there is no such thing. He called on fans and others to speak out against these people. Ask them how did you write that?

Farmani said I shouldn’t be defamed like this. Such things about me should stop now. Many fake IDs were created in my name. They are trying to defame me. I want to make it clear that no one threatened me. No fatwa has been issued against me. Everyone praises me. Everyone supports me. Stay away from these rumors.

Who is Farmani Naaz
Farmani Naaz is a YouTube singer. Farmani lives in Mohammadpur Mafi village of Ratanpuri police station in Muzaffarnagar district. On March 25, 2017, she was married to Imran, a resident of Chhota Hasanpur village in Meerut. After a year of marriage, the in-laws left the in-laws and came to the mother’s house after her husband’s harassment. She says that after having a son, a period of harassment began in the in-laws. The son had a sore throat. Her in-laws pressured her to bring money from her maternal home. Disturbed Farmani returned to his village Mohammadpur Mafi. Later, he started singing on YouTube. She also participated in Indian Idol.