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Farmers displaced from Jewar airport will be settled at Falida Cut, Modelpur, compensation will soon be transferred to their accounts



Naida: The land acquisition process for the second phase of Jewar Airport has reached its final stage. Very soon, the process of transferring compensation to farmers to their account will begin. For this reason, preparations for the relocation of farmers have begun. Two places have been identified for this purpose. In which a farmer displacement site will be constructed on 120 hectares near Falida cut in front of the proposed film town in Yamuna region (Yamuna authority) and another displacement site will be constructed on 60 hectares at Modelpur located in Jewar. This information was given on Wednesday by MP Dhirendra Singh at the Auditorium Collectorate.

He said a relocation site would be across from Filmcity and Medical Device Park. This place is adjacent to the Yamuna highway and well connected with multimodal connectivity. There is a road connecting Haryana to Jewar Airport near this displacement site. Yamuna expressway on one side, eastern ring boarding point nearby, high-speed train in the future and proposed pod taxi will also pass nearby.

The second displacement site will be located at Madalpur near Jewar, for which approximately 60 hectares of land will be developed. This location will also be well connected to all basic amenities as well as multimodal connectivity due to its proximity to the airport and the town of Jewar. All basic state-of-the-art facilities related to farmers and their children will be made available here. He informed that around 18,500 families are affected in the second phase, of which 13,320 families from Ranhera, Kurab and Nagla Hukam Singh village are to be moved to the above sites. 1600 families from Nagla Hukamsingh, 6120 from Ranhera and 5600 from Kureb will be displaced.