Fear in Agra: family imprisoned at home, children out of school, death threats

Fear in Agra: family imprisoned at home, children out of school, death threats

Agra: In the city of Agra, an intrepid history leafter has made life miserable for a widowed woman and her family. The family members were imprisoned in their homes out of fear. Because of this, the children cannot go to school either. Fed up with the constant threats, the victim appealed to SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary on Thursday. The victim says the history leafter has been stalking her for five years. He is not afraid of police action. His life could be in danger at any moment.

What is the problem?

A widowed woman living in the Thana Jagdishpura area lives with her two daughters. The wife says her husband died four years ago from tuberculosis. After that, she takes care of her family herself. The woman said that the history leafter Vinay Pratap alias VP, a resident of Shahganj police station area, made her life miserable. On Wednesday morning at seven o’clock in the morning, as she was going to drop off her two daughters at school in Shastripuram, when the vice president of history joined her. Putting a gun to his forehead, he tried to force him into his car. She walked into someone’s house after saving her life, but seeing the gun, no one came forward to help her. He kept threatening her for a long time. Due to VP’s panic, his family members are also scared. The victim appealed to SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary. She also lodged her complaint with the Women Helpline.

Also threatens relatives
Columnist Vinay Pratap aka VP is a vicious type con artist. More than a dozen trials are registered against him in many police stations in Agra. The victim said that around 1:30 p.m. on August 16, VP and his associates arrived in Kamla Nagar to threaten his relatives. He made a video of it himself and sent it to the victim’s cell phone.

Threat as soon as he leaves prison
The victim said that on her complaint, the police arrested her twice and sent her to prison. After his release from prison, he reaches out again to harass her. He was released from prison only a month ago. Since then, he has continued to threaten her. His family and his daughters are terrified by the chronicler’s threats. The miscreant VP threatens to take the girls away. This is why he also prevented his daughters from going to school.

disturbing for five years
The victim said that his family used to live in a rented house in Shahganj area. History leafer Vinay Pratap aka VP was his neighbor. That’s why he was recognized. After learning of her intentions, he must change houses to different locations to avoid her. Sometimes she goes to live with her brother and sometimes with her sister. The history leafer has made his life miserable.
Report – Sunil Saket


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