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Former Minister Shankh Lal Manjhi’s son shot dead in Lucknow, admitted to intensive care at Lohia Hospital



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Son of former minister Shankhlal Manjhi shot dead
Akash Manjhi has a licensed gun
Ram Manohar Lohia hospitalized

Luck now. Akash Manjhi (22), son of Shankh Lal Manjhi, who was an SP government minister in the capital Lucknow, was shot dead in suspicious circumstances on Saturday night. As soon as the bullet was fired, there was a commotion in the house. Those present in the house admitted him to Lohia Hospital in an injured condition. where his condition remained stable. After receiving the information, ACP Gomtinagar Shweta Srivastava and local police attended the scene.

The incident concerns the Vardan block of the Gomtinagar expansion. It is said that the licensed revolver from the hand of Akash fell to the ground in the house located in the Vardan block of the Gomtinagar extension, and due to the fire the bullet hit the chest. The bullet passed through the left chest. His sister immediately took him to Lohia Hospital. where doctors treat Let us tell you that in Vardan section of Gomtinagar Extension police station area, is the residence of former minister Shankhlal Manjhi. This family lives in their residence.

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Akash Manjhi is said to have been admitted to ICU. Former minister Shankh Lal Manjhi was out. Were about to reach the airport today and Akash was about to pick them up. ACP Gomtinagar Shweta Srivastava says the son of Shankh Lal Manjhi, who was the health minister in the SP government, fell from the sky while cleaning the gun. Who fired the bullet. The bullet went through the left side near the chest. However, action will be taken based on the investigation.

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