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Former Muzaffarnagar MPs Kadir Rana and Rajpal Saini could join BSP



Muzaffarnagar: Lok Sabha elections are due to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. In such a situation, the stars of Muzaffarnagar politics started preparations to change course. Discussion has become common in political circles that former MPs Kadir Rana and Rajpal Saini could ride an elephant after Holi. However, both leaders denied the news of joining the BSP. Kadir Rana is currently active in SP and Rajpal Saini in RLD.

Talking about the current opposition politics, former MP Kadir Rana and former MP Rajpal Saini can be considered as its important figures. In Muslim class politics, Kadir Rana came out on top in 1993 by securing the maximum number of votes despite losing the Sadar assembly constituency on the SP ticket. After that, under the BJP government, he won the local body MLC election on the SP ticket and entered the upper house. He won the Lok Sabha election from Muzaffarnagar in 2008-09 on a BSP ticket. However, earlier he had also become an MP by winning the election for the seat of Morna. But the change in the political situation after the 2013 riots was not favorable to Kadir Rana. He was defeated in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Also in the 2017 assembly elections, his wife Saeeda Begum had to deal with losing the seat of Budhana. Kadir Rana’s politics suffered a setback due to not getting a ticket in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the 2022 Assembly elections.

Saini was established in politics during the era of Janata Dal

The role of Rajpal Saini is also significant in the politics of Muzaffarnagar. When the Janata Dal coalition government was formed in the country, Rajpal Saini was seen as a strong party leader at the district level. Travel from Janata Dal to SP and BSP. Meanwhile, Rajpal Saini was elected MP for Morna and he also got a ministerial position in the BSP government. Expressing his confidence in Rajpal Saini, BSP leader Mayawati also sent him to the Rajya Sabha. But before the Lok Sabha elections, he left the BSP and joined the SP. In a political turn of events, Rajpal Saini contested the 2022 Assembly elections on the RLD ticket from the seat of Khatauli but was defeated.

Both leaders expressed confidence in their respective parties

Former MP Kadir Rana says he is active in the SP and received an assurance from the party chairman to give him a ticket from the Bijnor seat to the Lok Sabha elections. While Rajpal Saini says he is a dedicated RLD soldier.