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Fraud case in Ghaziabad: it took three years to register FIR in case of fraud in Ghaziabad, know the problems of the victim



Ghaziabad: We often talk about making cybercrime work better in policing, but the method of action does not change. Cyber ​​thugs empty people’s accounts with a click, but to file a complaint, they have to go to cyber cells and police stations for many months. One such case was revealed in Ghaziabad. The victim wandered for two years to register the case. Sometimes the cyber cell would be sent from the police station, and then the people in the cyber cell would ask to go to the police station. There was no solution even after meeting the officials. Finally, he complained on the Prime Minister’s portal. Here too, two complaints have been filed, so now one case has been registered at Ghantaghar Police Station. ADCP Crime said full details of this case are being extracted. The complaints system will also be improved.

Kuldeep Atri, a resident of Radhakunj, said he was a manager of a company. In 2020, I learned from a friend that one can earn 3-4000 rupees every day by doing promotional work. He put 4 lakh 4 thousand rupees. The company’s payment gateway looked like a reputable legitimate company. Believing in this, he deposited so much money. A few days later, when the fraud was detected, a complaint was filed with the police, but there was no hearing. Kuldeep said the behavior of the police in this case was very bad. They obviously didn’t want to do anything.

In this case, he first complained, but when the police did nothing, he himself started filing complaints on the PM portal and the cybercrime portal. Later, he learned that the money was deposited in the account of a company named Summer Time of Bengaluru. After that, he somehow managed to make the transaction on the account. Kuldeep said even after extracting so much information, the police were not ready to act. Made about 30 rounds of the police station and policemen, still the case was not registered.

No solution from the cyber cell, waiting for the police station

Cyber ​​Cell was launched in Ghaziabad in 2020. The team worked on some good cases. But, many cases have become complicated due to the delays. In the event of cybercrime, the police stations raise their hands and send the victims to the cyber cell located at the police station. The cyber cell sends a number as a token number to the victim. After that, no official report is filed. Those who go around the FIR, their complaint is registered after several months, but no follow-up is given to it. There is talk of setting up a cyber police station in the neighborhood soon. Ghaziabad More than 5,000 cases of cyber fraud are reported every year.