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Friendship on Instagram, rape in Hukkabar, name written on the body with a blade… brutality with a girl in Kanpur



Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: A surprising incident was revealed in Kanpur in UP. According to the incident, Dr. The couple’s underage daughter was raped by her Instagram friend. According to the allegation, the Instagram friend’s friends also attempted to rape her. Not only that, the accused had written his name on the girl’s chest with a blade, so that she could not marry someone else. Kanpur Police went into action mode regarding this episode. The police will take action against the accused under the Gangster Act. The PC ordered the indictment to be prepared in 20 days and the sentence to be handed down after the trial in 100 days.

The couple living in the neighborhood of the Barra police station are doctors by profession. Both husband and wife are assigned to a hospital in Kanpur Dehat. The victim’s father told the police that my daughter was 16 years old. His Instagram friend Vinay Thakur called him at MG Hukkabar in Karrahi on Friday. There, they made him drink hookah, then they made him drink a cold drink mixed with intoxicants. After that, I raped her. Five friends including Vinay Thakur’s friend Ajay Thakur, Aman Sengar also attempted to rape. The defendants bit the girl with their teeth. Ajay Thakur is a history soap opera while many cases are also recorded against Aman Sengar.

The sections have been increased in the case

According to joint police commissioner Anand Tiwari, the case of rape of a minor is very serious. This entire episode was reviewed by DCP Salman Taj Patil. The main defendant Vinay Thakur has been arrested, and efforts are being made to arrest Vinay Thakur’s other accomplices. After investigation in this episode, section 511 was added with 354B, 376. These defendants have criminal backgrounds.

The trial will be expedited

Joint CP said Kanpur Police Station decided action would be taken against them under the Gangsters Act. Along with this, action under 14A (forfeiture of property) will also be taken against them. Police Commissioner BP Jogdand ordered the indictment to be filed within the next 15-20 days. On the other hand, within 100 days, by taking them to an expedited trial, they will ask the honorable court to get a severe punishment.

sealed hookah bar

Evidence was collected from the cafe where the incident allegedly occurred. The coffee has been sealed. The cafe operator is questioned in police custody. They will also be stopped as soon as our necessary action is completed.

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