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gabbar singh property attached, Bahraich: Jailed assets of Devendra alias Gabbar Singh worth Rs 110 crore attached, over 50 registered mafia cases



District administration on Sunday seized illegal assets worth around Rs 110 crore from notorious mafia Devendra Singh aka Gabbar Singh in UP. In the presence of police and PAC jawans, seizure action was taken against hotels and resorts worth around 85 crores and the Veersen Sinha marketing complex worth 25 crores located in the chic district of the city of Digiha.

Attached property of Devendra Singh aka Gabbar Singh
Bahrain On Sunday, the district administration seized a property worth around Rs 110 crore, allegedly acquired illegally by Devendra Singh alias Gabbar Singh, a member of the Payagpur district panchayat in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh and the mafia imprisoned in prison. A senior district officer provided this information. District Magistrate Dinesh Chandra Singh and Chief Superintendent of Police Keshav Kumar Chaudhary in the presence of a large number of police and PAC personnel including the administrative Lashkar, hotels and resorts of worth around 85 crore and 25 crore Virsen Sinha Marketing Complex located in the posh area of ​​the city, Digiha has taken action.

The District Magistrate told reporters that around 50 criminal cases have been registered against Devendra Singh alias Rajesh Singh alias Gabbar Singh, a resident of the panchayat of Payagpur district in Bahraich and other districts. According to public and police intelligence reports, the criminal activities of Singh’s gang have yet to stop. Due to this, action has been taken against Gabbar Singh and his partner Manish Jaiswal under the Gangster Act. A reward of one lakh was announced on Gabbar and 25 thousand on Manish Jaiswal, both of whom were recently arrested.

He said the premises had been evacuated, giving staff and people staying at the hotel and resort full time. City Magistrate Jyoti Rai was assigned to oversee the two properties. The district magistrate said the government was working on zero tolerance policy against crime and criminals. He said this action was taken in accordance with the same policy. He said other properties of Gabbar and members of his gang acquired through criminal activity were also being searched.

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