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Gang selling ‘dangerous’ e-cigarettes outside college busted in Noida, 6 arrested



Naida: In Uttar Pradesh, police in Sector 63 have arrested six accused of a gang selling e-cigarettes to young people outside shopping malls, colleges and universities. This gang was selling chemical-rich e-cigarettes made in China. These cigarettes were of different flavors. Sector 63 Police recovered e-cigarettes worth around Rs 15 lakh. This gang would buy a cigarette from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and online sites for Rs 300 to 400 and sell it in the city for Rs 2 to 8 thousand.

ADCP Central Vishal Pandey said the arrested defendants were identified as Praveen Gaur, resident of Khoda, Akash, Nitin Gupta and Vijaynagar Ghaziabad, resident of Umesh, resident of Biru Sector 122, Sadarpur, resident of Biru. There are also a few small traders. The ADCP said there were reports that these banned cigarettes were being sold secretly in the city. Thereupon, six defendants were arrested from Sector-63 by forming a police team. 405 e-cigarettes were recovered from their possession.

The leaders of this gang were Praveen and Akash. The Delhi drug dealer named by Praveen during his interrogation is still at large. The police had also searched Chandni Chowk. As part of further investigation, efforts are being made to find out how these Chinese-made cigarettes arrive in Delhi even after being banned.

Electronic cigarettes are more dangerous than normal

The ADCP said e-cigarettes are sold as an alternative to regular cigarettes, but are more harmful to health than regular cigarettes. In view of this, in 2019, the central government had banned the production, import, export, transfer, sale, advertisement of electronic cigarettes, and at the same time, the penalty rule for the sale was also put. implemented.

Unaware of the dangers, young people inhale the poison of electronic cigarettes

Police officials have said that any type of cigarette is dangerous to health. But these Chinese e-cigarettes are made from dangerous chemicals. The smoke does not come out when they burn, as well as they come in different flavors. This is why the new generation, which is about to go to university, is buying more. There are also pub-bars inside the major shopping malls in the city. The defendants were selling these cigarettes outside the shopping center even after reaching the door of the pub-bar. At the same time, many of his customers were such that cigarette smokers bought e-cigarettes to quit.

Once, the gang used to give out their cell phone number to anyone selling e-cigarettes. Then he used to say their number even when someone asks further. Other than that gang members used to call and ask if they needed cigarettes. They often stood in front of many girls’, PG’s and college hostels.