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Ghaziabad Accident: 6 people were injured after a high-speed car rammed a slum in Sector 3 of Vasundhara in Ghaziabad.



Ghaziabad Crime News: The drunken youths of Ghaziabad were so obsessed with speed that even the road could not be seen. The car drove into the slum. 6 people were injured in the accident. The police quickly transported the injured to the hospital. At the same time, the defendants were arrested and sent to prison.

Wrecked car in Ghaziabad

strong points

  • This horrific accident happened in Sector 3 of Vasundhara in Ghaziabad
  • Police sent the two car drivers to jail after receiving a medical examination
  • The discourse that the two defendants are intoxicated returns to the fore.
  • The two young people deliver for an online sales site
Ghaziabad: Another case of speeding was discovered in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. In sector 3 of Vasundhara, drunken youths drove their car into the slum after knocking down passers-by. Six people present in the slum were injured in the crash, who were admitted to MMG Hospital. The condition of two of these people remains critical. In addition to the slum, all the property kept there was damaged. Residents grabbed the two motorists and handed them over to police. After treating them both, the police registered an FIR, sent them to jail and seized their car.

Vasundhara lives with the Achhelal family in the slums in front of the Garden Galleria Society in Sector 3. He takes care of his family by ironing the clothes. Everyone was in the slums late Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. Then suddenly, a high-speed Hyundai i20 car drove into the slum. The wheels of the car crushed Achhelal and Chhote Lal, due to which both were seriously injured. Along with this, Vipin, Lakshmi Devi, Shashi and the little child Ayush who were present there were also injured due to being taken by him.

people caught motorists

After the incident, a crowd from the Garden Galleria Society and surrounding people gathered there. People caught Shubham and his friend Ravi Kumar driving the car and handed them over to the police. The injured were sent to MMG Hospital. The condition of Chhote Lal and Achhelal remains critical and others are put out of danger. Vipin filed charges against Shubham and Ravi at Indirapuram Police Station. After treating them both, police registered an FIR against them and sent them to jail on Tuesday.

The family came to the road after the accident

The family suffered a major loss after the uncontrolled car crashed into the slum. Much of the slum collapsed and almost all of the property in it was damaged. Above all, almost the whole family is injured and admitted to the hospital. The family members don’t even have money for the treatment. Vipin, who filed a complaint at the police station, said that after the incident, his whole family drove off. He demanded strict action against Shubham and Ravi to compensate for the loss of slums and other property as well as the treatment of family members.

Both had taken the friend’s car

Shubham Vasundhara, who drives the car, lives in rental in Sector 3. He was previously a delivery man at Amazon but currently does not work anywhere. Ravi works as a delivery man in the Flipkart company. The two live in rented accommodation in the same house. The car Shubham was driving belonged to his friend Tarun. In this case, Indirapuram ACP Swatantra Singh said that immediately after the accident while sending the injured to hospital, the two accused were arrested and the car was also seized. Other legal actions are ongoing.

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