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Ghaziabad conversion case: couple arrested in Ghaziabad for conversion



Indirapuram: A case of targeting children for religious conversion has come to light in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. After sending a couple from Vasundhara residents to prison, accused of converting religion in the name of school education to children by renting a room in Kanavani, the police intensified the investigation into the case. In addition to books of particular religions, laptops, cell phones and other items are also seized in this room. John Santosh, a resident of Sector 5 in Vasundhara, had rented a hall from Kanavani with his wife. This room was specially intended for religious preaching, meeting and prayer. After the couple’s arrest, much discussion about it intensified on social media.

In the Kanwani ward, the couple used to call children on behalf of school fees and motivate them to convert. The children were told that their religion was the best in the world and that they should follow it. By telling them different types of misleading stories related to religion, they were deceiving them in different ways. At the same time, while encouraging the children to eat and drink, they also told their parents to change their religion and not to celebrate the festivals of the Hindu religion.

The target of 20-20 people has been reached

Police say John Santosh, his wife and other team members were associated with the UCPI organization and worked for the UP mission. In Ghaziabad as well as other districts of the state, the team members used to mislead people and trick them into changing their religion. Each member of the UCPI organization aimed to convert 20 to 20 people, to achieve this they worked in different fields.

Return will be requested today

Indirapuram Police had requested the couple be sent to court on Monday which was denied. On Tuesday, Indirapuram Police were checking the couple’s horoscope and the UCPI organization. The police say that an investigation is underway on all points related to this case. Police will again seek the couple’s remand to court on Wednesday.

Indirapuram ACP Swatantra Singh said careful attention was being given to all aspects related to this matter. It is also being determined who other people were associated with the couple. Along with this, detailed information is also collected about the UCPI organization.