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Ghaziabad crime: Arrived to rob jewelry store with toy gun, employees clashed and had to flee – Robbery of jewelry store with toy gun



Ghaziabad: The theft was avoided thanks to the intelligence of the employees working at the jewelry store. On Friday afternoon, in Sector 16 of Vasundhara, 2 people tried to steal, but the workers chased the thieves together. For this reason, he left the bag and the bicycle and fled on foot. The whole incident was captured by the CCTV camera installed there. The police registered a case and opened an investigation.

In the Vasundhara-16 sector, there is a jewelry store by the name of Geeta Jewelers, whose owner is Shubhashish. The thieves attacked in the presence of store workers Surendra and Deepak around 2:15 p.m. Friday afternoon. The robbers who entered the store wearing helmets parked the bike, pointed guns at the two employees and began stuffing the bags with jewelry. Meanwhile, the two employees, showing understanding, clashed with the disbelievers. At the same time, due to CCTV connectivity on Shubhashish’s phone, which was a short distance from the shop, he was blown away. The robbers fled as soon as they tried to seize the store by knocking down the shutter.

On information from Shubhashish, the police arrived at the scene and opened an investigation. Checks have been launched in the area. The images of the thieves captured by the CCTV camera installed in the store were taken in his possession. Investigation started on the bicycle and the images of the thieves.

Abhay Kumar Mishra, CO Indirapuram

had to leave the bike
The store owner said the thieves tried to throw the gun away with a pistol. The employee hit Surendra with a screwdriver and Shubhashish with his feet. Not even afraid of the robbers’ gun, the two employees chased the robbers away. Make noise, ran after them. In such a situation, the thieves had to flee, leaving behind the bag and the bicycle.

toy gun
When Surendra and Deepak clashed with the robbers, they learned that the guns weren’t genuine. It lifted his spirits. He tried hard to catch up. Many people had also gathered around. Tradesmen were also present, but no one came to help them.