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Ghaziabad Elevated Road CCTV: Surveillance from next week on Ghaziabad Elevated with CCTV cameras, police will keep tabs on those making short videos



Ghaziabad: There have been many cases of rule breaking on the elevated road in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Preparations have now been made to closely monitor this situation. The elevated road will be monitored by CCTV cameras from next week. Recently, many short videos have gone viral, which have been made on this route. After that, questions were raised about the safety of this route. Currently, videographers are barred from patrolling police, but from next week these cameras will start working. The entire elevated route will be monitored from the control room.

The Ghaziabad Police anticipate that if anyone is seen breaking the rules on the elevated road, the police team will catch them at the entry and exit points and take action. DCP City Nipun Aggarwal said 45 cameras are being installed on the about 10 km long elevated road, of which about half have been installed. DCP said we are trying to start working with the cameras by Monday. Camera installation will be completed by Sunday. During this time, the installation of the control room will also be prepared.

DCP said this control room would be at Hindon Bridge Outpost or Vasundhara Outpost. The plan for this is being finalized. With the introduction of cameras, those who make short videos will not only be checked, it will also help in fighting crime and keeping tabs on suspects. It will also be effective in fighting crime. If a criminal uses this route after committing the incident, they will be caught on camera.