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Ghaziabad murder: ex-driver killed 3 generations…



Ghaziabad: It was the morning of May 21, 2013. The mobile bell rang around 8:30. There have been reports of the murder of 7 people from the same family in Nai Basti. Arrived directly on site. The house of businessman Satish Goyal was in the narrow street. The whole street was crowded. More than a thousand people had gathered. The police had arrived. When the door to the house was opened, the corpses of Satish and his wife Manju lay there. Seeing the blood, it was as if the whole body had been squeezed. It was the same on the first and second floor. Satish’s son Sachin, daughter-in-law Rekha, 14-year-old granddaughter Mega, 12-year-old grandson Honey, 10-year-old Aman’s bodies were lying. There were so many stab wounds that even the police were stunned. Satish was a famous businessman. Seeing the heinous massacre, the crowd’s anger was in wave. In a short time, the situation became such that the forces of many districts had to be called up. IG came to handle the situation. Formed 10 police teams.

The whole town was shocked by this massacre. SSP was Nitin Tiwari. Within 24 hours he arrested Rahul and held a press conference. Rahul was Satish’s former driver. A 9 inch long knife, looted jewelry and 6,000 rupees were found for him. The SSP said at the press conference that the behavior of the businessman’s family towards Rahul was not good. Just 15 days before the incident, Rs 4.5 lakh from Satish was missing. Satish became suspicious of Rahul and fired him from his job. Rahul learns from another servant that Satish’s kidney needs to be changed, for which a lot of money has been kept in the house. Based on this information, he planned the heist.

The story was told by the SSP at the time

Rahul hid in Satish’s house around 11 p.m. on May 20. After half an hour, Mega came out to the veranda and saw Rahul. Rahul slit her throat until Mega figured something out. Hearing his cry, Rekha came. Rahul soothed her by stabbing her as well. Hearing the scream, Rekha’s husband, Sachin, reached for him. Sitting in hiding, Rahul also stabbed him repeatedly with a knife and fell asleep to death. Now Honey and Aman remained in the house. There was blood on Rahul’s head. He also stabbed those innocent people more than 10 times with a knife. By then, the cries of the son, daughter-in-law and children had reached the ears of Satish and Manju. They walked towards the room where the children were. Rahul was hiding there. He attacked the two elders with a knife. There were many blows on both of their bodies. There were 7 bodies lying in the house. Now the whole house was empty. Rahul picked up the cash and jewelry he saw in the closet and ran away.

The police got a clue from a friend

Police sources later said that disclosing the incident would have been difficult had it not been for a friend of Rahul. This friend played a key role in this revelation. The team involved in the investigation already suspected that a relative was involved. Rahul’s friend reached the police. He said Rahul told him about Rs 45 lakh in Satish’s house. Rahul wanted her to be with him during the flight, but his friend refused. Based on this clue, when the police caught Rahul, the whole affair came to light.

9 years ago forensics became useful

No one understood the police theory. Rahul was very skinny. People couldn’t believe that such a weak young man could kill 7 people in just 3 hours. People started to reject the story of SSP Nitin Tiwari. But, IPS officer Nitin Tiwari remained firm on his point even after so much pressure. To strengthen the evidence, it took the help of science. Forensic experts were called. Collect fingerprints on site. A piece of cigarette was also found. There were bloodstained claw marks on the walls. The saliva fragments found on the cigarette during the forensic examination belonged to Rahul. The claw marks on the wall also matched Rahul’s claws. Rahul was also injured. The drops of blood on the spot also matched Rahul’s blood. A DNA test was carried out for the blood on the T-shirt which was recovered from Rahul. These bloodstains were found on Manju and Sachin.

Now read the police indictment
In November 2013, the police filed an indictment in this case. Seven people died from cuts to the airways. The wound marks found on the body were from the same weapon. The police also presented this medical evidence to the court. 30 people, including police officers, doctors associated with the case, testified in court. Their testimony and evidence led Rahul to the gallows. Satish’s son-in-law, Sachin, said his father-in-law and the whole family have great faith in Rahul. He can do it at any time, no one had thought of it even in his dreams. He ended 3 generations.