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Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam Order: From March 4 in Ghaziabad, families who do not separate wet and dry waste will be fined



Ghaziabad News: This is important news for the people of Ghaziabad. The municipality has decided to impose a fine on those who do not separate wet and dry waste from March 4. This strict decision was made to make people take cleanliness seriously. On behalf of the municipal administration, a waste sorting campaign was launched continuously among the population.

Order of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam

strong points

  • The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has decided to impose a fine for cleanliness from March 4.
  • A strict order has been issued regarding the separate lifting of wet and dry waste
  • Measures will be taken against those who do not respect the rules of cleanliness, instructions from Nitin Gaur
Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a major and strict order has now been issued regarding the separate lifting of wet and dry waste. The Municipal Corporation will now act strictly against those who are not serious about cleanliness. Now, if people don’t drop off wet and dry rubbish separately as part of door-to-door rubbish collection, they will be fined from March 4. Not only that, those who spread the dirt will also be fined. Those who do not pay the fine immediately, it will be recovered by adding it to the council tax bill. In this regard, instructions were given to the Municipal Corporation on behalf of Neha Sharma, Director of the State SBM (Swashhata Bharat Mission). He said those who fail to follow the March 4 cleanliness rules should be fined.

What is the problem

At present, around 12 metric tons of waste is generated daily in Ghaziabad. For door-to-door garbage collection, the Municipal Corporation has deployed more than 250 vehicles in the city. Door-to-door garbage collection has closed the open garbage dumping points to a large extent in the city, but now the new problem is due to non-separation of wet and dry garbage. The rigor is made now only to follow this rule.

To whom how much fine will be imposed in which municipal body

reason for the fine municipal Council municipal Council Nagar Panchayat
Do not give dry and wet waste separately 200 100 500
Put construction equipment on the road 2000 750 500
on the spread of dirt from tree bark, cuts 200 75 50
Mix fish, animal remains 1000 500 350

Action from March 4

The Municipality Health Officer, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar said that the Municipality will recover this amount of fine from March 4. For this, a team is being formed to monitor each area and each neighborhood. For the fine to be collected on the spot. If the fine is not paid on the spot, the residence tax will be recovered by adding it to the residence tax of the building concerned.

The government’s emphasis on cleanliness

City Commissioner Dr Nitin Gaur said the government is emphasizing cleanliness. The government has taken strict measures against those who sabotage cleanliness. For this, a fine will be imposed from March 4. People must follow cleanliness rules to avoid fines. It will be a great collaboration for the company.

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