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Ghaziabad News: Coming home to Holi has become ‘Mahabharata’, 2100 buses reach Kaushambi depot, but passengers err



Kaushambi: Kaushambi bus depot officials were alerted as soon as this news broke that passengers traveling on private buses were being charged double on Holi. Police have also started doing rounds on Cheetah bikes. After that, the private bus drivers and their brokers were not seen at the depot on Saturday. On the other hand, due to Holi, additional buses have been called to the Kaushambi depot, which leave for different districts and towns in the state every five minutes. But on Saturday, the number of buses at the depot grew so large that roadways had to resort to regional interceptors.

Buses jammed completely due to overcrowding of buses at the depot. The condition became such that the buses could not pass through the gate. Officials say there are currently a total of 2,100 buses at the Kaushambi depot. However, even after increasing the number of buses, many passengers were seen here and there asking for information about buses going to their area. Some said that due to lack of passengers, buses are not running in their area. Bus drivers ask them to get off halfway or wait for the number of passengers to increase.

conflicts occur

Amid the chaos, minor disputes also surfaced in many places. Passengers created a row when a bus suddenly broke down on Friday evening. However, the personnel deployed on the spot immediately called for another bus. In fact, there was a ruckus between the bus driver who came from Orai and the guard on duty here. On the one hand, the guard accused the driver of removing the barricade by force, while on the other hand, the driver said that the guard did not allow the bus to continue even after its time. In such a situation, TS Lalita Singh was dispatched to the spot to settle the dispute. Which later somehow ended the dispute between the two parties.

while waiting to go to bisauli

Anand, who works in Delhi, said he had to go to Chandausi. But no bus is getting ready for Chandausi right now. The bus driver said if 20-25 passengers are found, then only they will go to Bisauli, otherwise they should get off at Chandauli first. In such a situation, we don’t know how many hours we will have to wait for the bus. I can’t go by train, because there are too many people.

problem getting information

Raj, who lives in Sahibabad, said it was very difficult to get information about buses. Announcements are in progress, but the information is not available in the desired places. Information about buses going only to major cities is repeatedly announced. Asking to wait when asked to go to smaller places. For this reason, the problem occurs.

Bad condition even at Sahibabad station

There is also a lot of rush at Sahibabad railway station at the moment. But even the elevator here is broken. Due to this, people coming and going from Sahibabad village face problems. Officials said the elevator had been repaired several times, but children were damaging the elevator while playing. The operator will soon be stationed near the elevator. A proposal has been sent to this effect.

Siva Chaurasia, who lives in Shalimar City, said he had to go to his home in Lucknow. Had come to get tickets for this but when reached was told the counter would open after lunch break. During Holi, at least the meters should be open all the time. There are no crowds even at Sahibabad station. In such a situation, this facility should be granted.

Kaushambi Depot’s ARM Shiv Balak said orders have been issued to continuously inspect employees in order to arrest touts. The police also came to inspect the bike several times since the morning.