Ghaziabad News: Husband kills wife in Ghaziabad Indiapuram

Ghaziabad News: Husband kills wife in Ghaziabad Indiapuram

Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a man killed his wife by sticking her with a knife. After killing his wife, he jumped off the roof of the house and started to run away, then both of his legs were broken and badly injured. The deceased was a senior executive of the Bank of Baroda. The husband of the deceased suspected his wife of having an affair with someone. There was long tension between the two over this and on Friday when the two got into another argument, the man killed his wife with a knife. It was the defendant’s father who informed the police. The police arrived at the scene, took the corpse in their possession and sent it for an autopsy and admitted the injured accused to hospital.

Jagdish Meena lives with his son Vikas Meena and his daughter-in-law Kamya Meena, an 8-year-old grandson and a 3-year-old grandson in house 15/166 at Vasundhara 15 sector of Thana Indirapuram region. He said his daughter-in-law Kamya Meena worked as a senior manager at Bank of Baroda. His son Vikas Meena was suspicious of his wife’s character. Because of this, tension persisted between them for a long time. Sometimes there were quarrels too, but the two understood each other. He said that yesterday Vikas followed the daughter-in-law and saw that she was going in a car with another person. During this time he also hit a stone in the car and there was a fight between the two. On Friday, there had been a quarrel between the two since morning, so today he himself was present at home.

Despite the father’s restraint, the accused continued to stab him with a knife.
He said Vikas slept with him in the afternoon. When he fell into a deep sleep, he got up and left and suddenly started stabbing his wife with a knife. When he heard the screams, he saw that Vikas had two knives in his hand. During this time, he grabbed Vikas a lot, but even after that, Vikas didn’t stop attacking Kamya Meena with a knife, and when Kamya Meena fell to the ground in a bloody state, he started manipulating Kamya Meena. Meanwhile, Vikas climbed onto the roof of the house and jumped from above and started running. After that, he too was injured.

The accused himself also attempted to commit suicide.

SP City II Gyanendra Singh said police received information. When the police arrived on the scene, the woman was already dead. On the other hand, her husband Vikas was admitted to hospital. He said that during the initial investigation, it was found that Vikas had not had a job for about 5-6 years and that Vikas’ wife, Kamya Meena, was a senior executive at Bank of Baroda. . Vikas often doubted his wife, and it also became known that even in January Vikas himself tried to commit suicide. SP City said that at present, information has been provided to Kamya Meena’s family members. Currently awaiting its arrival. Measures will be taken after registration of the file after receipt of the complaint.
Entrance – Tejesh Chauhan

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