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Ghaziabad News: In the name of getting a work visa, a young man cheated Rs 32 lakh, know if you are making these mistakes



Ghaziabad: Fraud case of Rs 32 lakh has been exposed in Ghaziabad on the pretext of sending work visa to Canada and Europe. An investigation was initiated by registering a case at Vijay Nagar Police Station. One case was recorded by a company in Patiala (Punjab). It was stated on behalf of the company that the defendants also kept the passports of their 2 clients. The accused runs a business in Vijay Nagar and claims to obtain visas for Europe and Canada. ACP Anshu Jain said there was talk of sending many people overseas. A company filed a complaint against another company. Our investigation is ongoing.

The complaint was filed on behalf of Ravi Dutta of Visa Dream Planner Company of Patiala. He said he met Chandan Kumar in 2021. He said he was running a company named Foxeden International in Ghaziabad. His company easily provides work visas for Canada and Europe. Ravi said some clients came to him who needed work visas. 7 people were going to Canada and 3 people were going to Europe. Talking to Chandan in this regard, he agreed to get the visa. For this, a payment of Rs 32 lakh was also levied.

Visa not done after taking Rs.

According to the victim, in this case after taking the money, the defendant asked for some time. After about a month, he sent 8 passports without visas. Talking about this, he said that the visa was suspended by the company. Rajeev said in the complaint that the defendant is not even returning the money now. In September 2022, he filed a complaint with the Ghaziabad Police in this matter. Now, after 5 months, the case has been registered.

Passports were for 10 people

It is alleged that the accused took the passports of 10 people for visas. From this, he returned the passports of 8 people after a few days, but did not return the passports of Jatinder and Harbhavan. Ravi said people he had taken money from for work visas are now coming to him.

take care of these things

Payment for the work visa is made by the company. The company is responsible for collecting the visa fee from the traveler. In such a situation, if someone asks for money, be alert.

Find out about the agency or company that received the job offer.
Often the travel agency asks for cash. Avoid such an agency and make a digital payment. You will have proof that you are making digital payments.

After getting the visa, before going abroad, share the agent, passport and other information with family members.
If in doubt about a company, information can also be obtained from your embassy.