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Ghaziabad News: Issue of illegal settlements raised in assembly, there was a stir among GDA officials



Ghaziabad: Application Area 8 remains under discussion after the issue of illegal Loni settlements was raised in the Vidhansabha. Many engineers who work here want to move to another area. Those who have worked before are also worried. Khatauli MLA Madan Bhaiya had raised the issue of illegal construction. GDA officials are busy preparing the response to the question raised by the MP. Further action can be taken once the response has reached the government.

Khatauli MLA raised the issue that in blocks D, E and F of Tila Indraprastha Awas Yojana, four units and 3 floors were built even after the adoption of the map of one unit on one floor. Also, instead of accepting parking on stilts, 5 floors were built. Apart from this, in DLF, Ankur Vihar, SLF, Ved Vihar, Hayat Enclave, Khanna Nagar settlements of Loni, construction is going against plan in collusion with officials and builders by breaking the rules.

The death was caused by the fall of an illegal building
Recently, two people died due to the collapse of an illegal building in Loni. After that, the issue of illegal construction that happened in Loni and is happening now became hot. For this reason, the issue of illegal construction in Loni was raised in the assembly. Over the past few days, Khatauli MLA has also raised the issue of schools operating against the terms of the tenancy deed in the district. In this footage, GDA issued a notice to all schools.