Ghaziabad News: Process of getting origin card from Ghaziabad Development Authority will be expensive

Ghaziabad News: Process of getting origin card from Ghaziabad Development Authority will be expensive

Akhand Pratap, Ghaziabad:Now, getting the card adopted by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) is going to be expensive. The state government has decided to charge water fees at the rate of Rs 50 per square meter when adopting the building construction card in the Development Authority plans. Under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, who serves as the Housing Minister, the Cabinet gave the green signal for the 2022 Water Fee Rules prepared by the Housing Development. Now the way has been cleared for its implementation. It should be noted that until now, water charges were collected by the Lucknow Development Authority and the Varanasi Development Authority. Until now, water charges were not collected in the GDA, but Ambar fees were charged at the rate of Rs 40 per square meter.

Ashish Shivpuri, Retired Chief Architect, Urban Planner of GDA, says the issue of water fee collection has been going on for a long time. Now the rules have received cabinet approval. Soon, the ordinance on this subject will be published. After which the collection of water fees will begin. It will be taken in the covered area of ​​the building. For example, if a person owns 100 square meters of land but its covered area is 80 square meters, then water charges will be collected on the basis of 80 square meters.

That’s why the rules had to be made
Officials said that so far different state authorities have been charging countless fees and water charges according to their own to get the card passed. Because of this, some people filed a lawsuit in court. The court had ordered the housing department to produce a similar manual on this issue. In order, the Housing Department prepared manuals regarding ambar fees and water fees. Until now, the transport cost was 40 rupees per square meter. It is proposed to increase by 25 percent to Rs 50 per square meter. While water charges have been set at Rs 50 per square meter.

Large builder will have to pay stack fee
Until now, wholesale fees were not charged to large builders who built on the two thousand square meter project. It was exempt from it since 2004. But now on a land of one thousand to five thousand square meters, 40 rupees, five thousand to ten thousand rupees 35 and on a land with an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters, you will have to pay Rs 25 per square meter. . If a builder’s transportation cost exceeds Rs 10 lakh, he will be exempted from paying in instalments. 9% interest will be charged on this amount. For this, a bank guarantee or any land must be mortgaged for the benefit of the community. Three percent interest will also be charged for failure to pay on time. This will also affect the price of the apartment.

Water charges will be recovered when water is donated
We are told that GDA will only be able to collect water charges within its own perimeters. Because GDA will be able to provide water facilities to people in its own system itself. Where GDA fails to provide water facilities, there shall be no right to recover water charges.

what is shipping cost
When passing the GDA card, huge fees are charged for cleaning up the garbage coming out of the houses. The cleaning work is carried out by the Municipality, so after having collected this fee, the GDA hands it over to the Municipality.


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