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Ghaziabad: The boy who was traveling with his girlfriend in a bad condition was arrested then assaulted, the young man died



Ghaziabad Clash Murder : In a prehensile situation, a boy going on a scooter with his girlfriend had to pay a heavy price for convincing them. The accused boy with his friends killed the young man who was trying to convince. The police arrested the accused and sent them to prison.

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The boy and the girl were in a reprehensible position, the young man was killed after being arrested

strong points

  • Seeing the couple in a reprehensible state, they stopped and beat them
  • Boy killed with friends, youngster died in hospital
  • Ghaziabad police arrested six defendants and sent them to jail
Ghaziabad: Seeing a couple leave on a scooter in deplorable condition in Ghaziabad, near Delhi, it became costly for the young man to interrupt them. A few people together beat the young man who interrupted him so much that he died. The incident happened near LR College Shyam Park outside Sahibabad Kotwali. On Sunday, Ghaziabad Police had arrested 6 defendants in this case and sent them to jail, now the police will increase the section of culpable homicide not constituting murder.

Some people near the place said a young man and a young woman were traveling on a scooter, the condition of both was somewhat reprehensible. With that, Virat interrupted the boy and referred to the family who lived there. Virat asked them to go elsewhere. Virat argued with the boy about this. The accused girl parked the scooter and called her friends there. The boy and his friends attacked Virat with sticks and bricks. Virat was seriously injured in the attack.

The culpable homicides section will increase

Virat was admitted to hospital with the help of local people. While taking action in the case, the police had arrested 6 accused of murder, assault and death threat and sent them to jail. On the other hand, Virat, injured, died Monday at the GTB hospital. In this case, Ghaziabad Police will now charge the accused with culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

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