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girlfriend was making a bomb for her boyfriend in kanpur



Kanpur: A surprising incident was revealed in Kanpur in UP. Chamanganj police and SOG arrested the criminal from Badar district. In the police search, a large quantity of bombs were recovered from the accused. When the police questioned the accused from Badar district, he said that the rest of the bombs were kept in the girlfriend’s house. When the police raided the girlfriend’s house, a cache of country bombs was found in her house. According to the information, the girlfriend was making campaign bombs in the house for Jilbadar’s lover.

Vasu Sonkar, who lives in the deputy padav located in the Chamanganj police station area, is criminal in nature. Vasu Sonkar has more than half a dozen cases registered against him in different police stations in the city in sections like extortion, life-threatening attack, assault, robbery, robbery . Vasu Sonkar was declared Zilabadar, but even after that Vasu lived secretly in the city.

288 bombs found in girlfriend’s house
Chamanganj police and SOG team arrested Vasu Sonkar while conducting a joint raid. Police had recovered 16 country-type bombs thrown at him. During a police interrogation, Vasu Sonkar said the bomb was kept at his girlfriend’s house. When police raided the home of Vasu’s girlfriend, they recovered 288 bombs from her house.

girlfriend was making bombs for her boyfriend
Tina Gupta, the girlfriend of district criminal Vasu Sonkar, lives in Lakshmipurwa, Raipurwa Police Station area. Vasu was in constant contact with his girlfriend. According to reports, Tina was making country bombs for her lover Vasu Sonkar. She had also learned the art of making bombs from her lover. At Vasu Sonkar’s request, 288 bombs were collected attacking Tina’s house. The police arrested them both and sent them to jail.